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Disclaimer: This post is adult in nature and therefore only intended for a mature audience.

Fairy Pocket Mini USB From the Hitachi Magic Wand to the Mini Mistress Massager and the Wahl, if one thing is abundantly apparent, it is the fact that I really, really love my massager adult toys. I love all of that amazing clitoral stimulation that is delivered by variable speeds and intensities of vibration that make my toes curl in mere minutes.

About a month ago, my partner and I drove seven hours to Ohio on a business trip that involved my partner being put in a recording studio for upwards of eleven hours and leaving me in a hotel room to relax, unwind, and do nothing. I was very much looking forward to it. So after we got on the road it occurred to me that I packed no sex toys. Me, in a hotel room on my own for an entire day, with no sex toys. It was tragic, but then I realized that even if I had remembered to pack a few of my favorite toys, I wouldn’t have anywhere to put them since we were pretty much packed to the fullest extent we could be.

I wish I had the Fairy Pocket Mini USB massager then, but am extremely happy to have it in my possession now.

You see, the Fairy Pocket Mini USB is tiny. Super tiny. So tiny that it can fit inside the zip pocket of my purse along with my tampons kind of tiny. To put it into actual measurements for you, it is 5 3/4 inches in total length and just 1 inch in diameter. It also weighs practically nothing at just 2.4 ounces, making it even easier to use and handle through even lengthy sessions without your arm cramping up or going numb from having to hold it in place; Hitachi Magic Wand, anyone?

The head of this massager is made very much the same as most other massagers on the market. It is a soft silicone that is smooth and contains several ribbed lines along the bottom of the head that are there purely for aesthetic purposes. The head is also very flexible and pivots along your body effortlessly. The body of the massager is made of hard plastic and features pink detailing along the front. The MyPleasure logo is printed on the back of this massager, which is a really cute touch, although for some reason it is printed in orange instead of the light pink seen on the rest of this toy. Honestly, this really doesn’t matter and I think it’s more of my OCD getting the best of me for wanting everything to be consistent and uniform-like.

What’s really cool about the Fairy Pocket Mini USB is the fact that it is rechargeable and, you guessed it!, only by USB. I have another massager that charges via USB, although it also came with a wall-charger that I have always opted to use instead. The Fairy Pocket Mini USB arrived fully charged, but with just the third time I used it, it suddenly puttered to a full stop. After a full recharge via USB, which can be plugged in on the side of the massager and then into your computer, it again came to a full stop after only two more uses.

I didn’t time myself for each use to determine just how long it actually stays charged, although I think I should have because I doubt it keeps a charge for as long as the product description claims. According to the description, 90 minutes of charging gives you up to 70 minutes of use. Perhaps it clocks in lower if you use it on its highest setting all the time, which I do. That would make more sense to me.

While the Fairy Pocket Mini USB is charging, the lower-half of the massager lights up blue. This lets you know that it is indeed charging. When it is finished, the blue light shuts off.

There are two different levels of intensity with this massager. To turn it on, you just move the plastic switch in the center of the toy upwards which will start the vibration at its low setting. Slide the switch up once more and the intensity of the vibrations increase substantially. For something so, incredibly tiny, the intensity of the vibrations from this massager are pretty outstanding. The amount of power this super small thing has is something I definitely was not expecting.

Another thing I was not expecting–the intensity of my orgasms with this tiny, tiny massager. Seriously. I’m really surprised by how well it can get me off, even if it at times it does take a little longer than it does with some of my other toys, like the Wahl, for example.

I am rather surprisingly impressed by the Fairy Pocket Mini USB. I didn’t think it would possess the power that it does, although I do wish that it could hold a charge longer so I wouldn’t take it out and in mere minutes have it completely stop on me. That would certainly make it better and a lot less frustrating.


Thanks to MyPleasure for the opportunity to review the Fairy Pocket Mini USB. Check them out to see all the other massagers and wand vibrators they stock!

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