Fall Tuesdays on Fox Kicks Off with Glee and New Shows Raising Hope and Running Wilde

Glee season 2 It looks as if Fox just may have a golden prime time lineup for Tuesday nights this fall season.

The highly-anticipated second season of Glee will kick off Fox Tuesdays tonight at 8 p.m. and I know I’m very excited to see what’s in store. We’ve known for a few months what to expect from this season, since the creator and cast of Glee spoke–and divulged lots of secrets– during Comic Con and I know all of that inside information only made fans more excited to see the new story lines develop and unravel throughout the season. Also, as I’ve already mentioned before–and probably will again before the episode airs, I’m sure–there is nothing I am looking forward to more this season than the October 26th episode of the Rocky Horror Picture Show tribute.

After the premiere of Glee, the new Fox family comedy Raising Hope premieres. The show is from Emmy Award winner Greg Garcia who was also behind My Name Is Earl, which you can definitely tell just from the promotional trailer for the show and the whole gritty kind of feeling of the show. The premise goes a little something like this: 23-year-old Jimmy lives at home with his family, skims pools for a living and, as far as societal standards go, is going nowhere in life. Jimmy has a “romantic encounter” with a woman named Lucy who goes to prison. While in prison, Lucy gave birth to Jimmy’s child and now he has to raise the baby with the help (or not-so much) of his very eccentric family.

Following the premiere of Raising Hope, another new Fox series, this one a romantic comedy, Running Wilde premieres, starring Will Arnett and Keri Russell. Running Wilde is making headlines because of it being the new venture of the Emmy Award-winning creator, as well as the star of Arrested Development, which did very well. Running Wilde revolves around a super rich, selfish man who is trying to win the heart of Emmy, who has spent her entire adult life trying to save the world.

So, will you be tuning in for the premiere of the second season of Glee and will you be sticking around to check out Fox’s two new shows?

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