Father’s Day Gift Idea from RedEnvelope: Here’s To Dad Root Beer and Snack Sampler Review

Heres To Dad Root Beer and Snack Sampler Father’s Day is just a little over two weeks away, making it the perfect time to start thinking about great gifts your dad or husband would be thrilled to receive. A lot of dads can be incredibly difficult to shop for; gift-givers want to be sure to get something the recipient is going to get a good amount of use out of and men don’t generally drop hints, give clues, or seem to need much of anything that would make a great gift.

Luckily, there is RedEnvelope, which has such a spectacular variety of gifts for Father’s Day and more that you’re sure to see a little bit of the dad in your life in a number of the items they carry.

RedEnvelope recently gave me the opportunity to try out one of their Father’s Day gifts, which I picked out especially for my partner who could use a little something special just for him to enjoy.

He was presented with the Here’s To Dad Root Beer and Snack Sampler, which quite literally made his face light up when he picked it up out of the box it arrived in.

Included in the metal tin were three bottles of Dad’s Root Beer, beer nuts, salami, cheese, Napa Valley mustard, three pepper water crackers, California Crunchies and smoked almonds. Also included was a cheese knife which worked perfectly to slice the cheese and salami that could then be stacked on the three pepper water crackers. Little by little, the contents of the tin made their way up into my partner’s office so he could snack while he worked and in just two days, everything was gone. He had quite the little feast and loved everything included. Every time he tried something new from the tin, I received a play-by-play of how completely delicious it was and I have to say, I’m pretty thrilled that he enjoyed it as much as he did. In fact, he even said it was one of the best Father’s Day gifts he has ever received, even if he did receive it about two weeks early.

This is the first time I have opted to give my partner something on the savory side instead of giving him sweets. He really loves his sweet stuff, let me tell you, but this went over much better than any cake, cookie, pie, brownie, or cupcake gift I could have given him instead.

The tin included in this gift can be kept and used again and again. Just fill it with ice, put the bottles of Dad’s Root Beer inside, or any other bottled drink, and put it out for parties or casual summer get-togethers and you have some ice cold drinks that can be enjoyed right away.

If your dad isn’t quite into the savory edible gifts, RedEnvelope also has a great selection of unique gadget gifts for dad you should definitely check out.

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I received the Here’s To Dad Root Beer and Snack Sampler from RedEnvelope in order to write this review.

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    1. I recommend it! I actually felt a bit weird putting up a completely positive review of something since I usually always have at least one or two things I didn’t like about something. But after writing this review, I even had to double-check with Allen and ask if I was forgetting something and he said no, that everyone in this tin was really awesome.

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