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TrimBack I shop online whenever I can. If I have a choice between going out to a physical store or getting the same product by ordering it on my computer, I choose the latter, always. I have never enjoyed much about the whole in-store shopping experience; I could do without the crowds that never seem to clear, I’d rather look at a webpage that clearly displays a selection of clearance items instead of rummaging through racks or bins, and salespeople who are hired to be helpful always come off as annoying and too in-your-face for me. Best of all, while stores may have the occasional in-store sale in hopes of bringing customers out in droves, it’s very likely that you can find an online coupon code or promotion going on at those very same stores if you shop online–and know where to look. has an incredible, vast selection of all ways you can save money while shopping online, including coupon codes, promo codes, discounts and deals that can redeemed at over 7,000 different retailers and restaurants. Some of their top stores include Best Buy, Home Depot, Gap, Macy’s, Pampers, and Target.

There are a ton of different ways you can save money made available to savvy shoppers out there who always scour for deals before they buy. That is precisely why’s online community sifts through more than 100,000 online discounts and promotions and ranks them determined by what type of promotion it is and what it can be used for. They pack this into a website that is easy to navigate, use, and understand. Their homepage is also updated with timely money-saving resources for upcoming special occasions, like Halloween coupon codes that range from retailers like Hancock Fabrics, Halloween Express, and The Children’s Place. While you’re in the Halloween spirit, you’ll also find some great party supplies deals that will definitely come in handy if you’re throwing a home Halloween bash.

TrimBack coupon code popups The only aspect of’s website that I really do not like is the row of coupon code screenshots just below the header that, when you scroll over them, have a red popup graphic that tells you to click on the image to see all of the coupon codes for a specific retailer. This entire aspect is really distracting, especially when you scroll over the row of images quickly and the header fills up with these red graphics as seen in the picture in the picture to the right.

Other than that, is another great resource out there to utilize when looking to score the best deals on products you’re going to buy online.

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