Get Fit for Summer with Centrum and Enter to Win a Trip to LA or a Wii Fit Plus

Centrum Get Fit It is never the wrong time to begin taking steps to becoming a healthier you. The version of yourself you had envisioned when the clock struck midnight and it was the beginning of a new year, full of new hopes, aspirations and motivation. Surely you knew that getting fit was the number one New Year’s resolution amongst those who make yearly resolutions, but did you know that nearly three out of five people who make that resolution break it before the end of that very first month?

As temperatures finally become more consistent–consistently warmer and hinting towards humidity–and retailers continue to spread the word about their new lines of swimsuits and other summer looks, bathing suit-ready bodies have quickly risen to the top of many people’s priority lists.

Celebrities have become very much like superheroes in a lot of our minds; able to whip their bodies into shape and walk out onto the red carpet or begin filming a new movie while suddenly being in the best shape of their lives. Well, here’s a secret: Celebrities aren’t superheroes and their bodies are built the same way ours are; they just have help. One very frequent celebrity fitness reinforcement that has come to the aid of super celebrities including Jennifer Hudson and Lady Gaga is renowned fitness and nutrition expert, creator of the 5 Factor Diet, best-selling author and all-around fitness guru, Harley Pasternak.

When talking about the challenges that come with making a healthy change, Pasternak weighs in on his hectic life and how he has personally made healthy decisions for his own body, saying:

“Since my job involves constant travel, I sometimes struggle to find healthy foods. I learned that opening myself up to varied experiences and making simple modifications can go a long way toward increasing my health and fitness level. I also take a Centrum multivitamin every day as my personal insurance policy in case I miss important vitamins or nutrients in my diet. That’s definitely a secret I think anyone can use.”

Centrum Contest: Win a Trip to LA

Centrum, with the help of Harley Pasternak, want to help you start living and maintaining a healthy lifestyle, not just for swimsuit season, but throughout the entire year. They are giving one lucky winner the opportunity to go to Los Angeles to receive a one-on-one training session with celebrity trainer Harley Pasternak.

To enter to win the trip to LA, all you have to do is text the word “CENTRUM” along with an image of a Centrum multivitamin bottle to 89800 between now and June 14th.

Get Fitness Tips, Coupons and Win a Wii Fit Plus

By visiting the Centrum GET FIT website and “liking” the new Centrum Facebook page, you will receive exclusive fitness tips from renowned celebrity fitness and nutrition experts. To really help motivate people everywhere to start living a little healthier, Centrum is also giving away tons of great prizes every day from now until June 14th, including a Wii Fit Plus. You will also receive a coupon for $3 off your next purchase of Centrum!

There has really never been a more rewarding time to GET FIT!

This post was written as part of a blog campaign through One2One Network. Additional incentives were provided to me, and opinions are my own.

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