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Fix the World, Girls: Nonprofits Founded by Women

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All around the world, there is hardship and suffering. There are moments of injustice and discrimination; countries at war are being ripped apart from the inside-out by greed and corruption; more and more families are trying to make ends meet under the poverty line. When you think about the human condition today, it is far too easy to get discouraged or for your outlook on the future to turn bleak. Sometimes we need a reminder of all the good that is being done here and around the world.

In times of change, conflict, and crisis, the women who founded the nonprofits we’ve rounded up below didn’t just wish for things to be different — they worked to create lasting change that is actively enriching and saving lives. Check out the slideshow below to learn how black and brown dolls are revolutionizing the way young girls of color see themselves, how survivors of human rights abuses are earning a living wage and uplifting their communities, what is being done to inspire more women to run for political office, and more.

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Check out Fix the World, Girls: Nonprofits Founded by Women

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9 thoughts on “Fix the World, Girls: Nonprofits Founded by Women”

  1. I am all for girl power and women supporting other women in their ventures. I think it is important to support each other.

  2. Although a lot of people would only view this as feminism, we should push through with movements like this. Women have a lot to contribute to the world and that’s something we have to fight for.

  3. I really appreciate how they’re into long term solutions, not just short-term fixes. This is an important message to get out. Women and their endeavors need to be empowered.

  4. This is a great cause. I know that most countries have a different type of education system than what we are used to. Most male children don’t get a full education because they too are required to go to work at a young age.

    I hope that these women and children are able to receive a proper education. Thank you for sharing.

  5. It is amazing how discrimination is so “subtle.” It’s in all our assumptions, and dolls are one example. Thanks for bringing this to our attention.

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