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Disclaimer: This post is adult in nature and therefore only intended for a mature audience.

Fleshlight The Fleshlight is the best-selling sex toy for men, selling more worldwide than any other male sex toy in history. It is respected, raved about and widely considered to be a very much essential addition to the sex lives of men everywhere. My partner has relatively limited experience with masturbation sleeves; he has tried a few with various outcomes, but nothing he absolutely fell in love with; nothing he even preferred over his hand alone. Thanks to Daily Sex Toys, I was given the opportunity to receive an original Fleshlight to review and considering its reputation, me and my very high expectations could not wait to get it into the hands of my partner.

Now, because the Fleshlight has done so, exceptionally well for itself and has become so beloved, there are an astounding number of different versions of this toy; there are different orifices that come in a myriad of different colors with a variety of different textures that vary from the subtle to the intense. There are even versions of the Fleshlight that have been molded after the intimate parts of moderately well-known adult actors and porn superstars alike.

The Fleshlight that I received is the original; it is a very straight-forward, no frills masturbation sleeve inside a black plastic casing that resembles a large flashlight. When you unscrew the top of the casing, you are greeted with a pink sculpted labia and clitoris that looks as realistic as you are possibly going to get in the world of sex toys.

The sleeve itself is made of Superskin, a material that I personally have had no experience with prior to receiving the Fleshlight but knew I needed to educate myself on quickly so I could be sure to double check with my partner after he used it to make sure he was taking proper care of it, especially when it came to cleaning it, so he didn’t accidentally ruin the sleeve. I’m a worrier like that, I admit it. I heard that’s the first step.

Superskin is a remarkably realistic, soft and smooth material that feels velvety to the touch. Again, I suppose it’s pretty much as realistic as you’re going to get to the “real deal” in the form of a sex toy. It is a phthalates and latex-free material, and it is also non-allergenic. Also, it requires a lot of love in the cleaning and upkeep departments.

So here’s the deal: You unscrew the top of your over-sized flashlight-like casing, lubricate yourself (or your partner), as well as the opening of the orifice and the internal canal of the sleeve using only water-based lube. This is important: Only water-based lube is compatible with Superskin. If you use a lube with another base, you run the very likely risk of ruining your sleeve. This toy does come with a trial size lubricant, but that’s gone after the first time you use it. For future uses, make sure you have ample amounts of water-based lube on-hand. When you and the sleeve are sufficiently lubricated, insert the penis through the labia opening of the sleeve that extends throughout the entire length of the casing, and you know very well what to do from that point on.

This entire toy is just a little over 1 pound and is a lot bigger than I had anticipated it to be at first. For something that is supposed to look like a flashlight, you know, to be discreet and all, it does not necessarily stay under the radar given its sheer size. Also, the logo and “Fleshlight” wording along the side doesn’t do it any favors, either. If you opt to keep it inside the large, metal-like cylinder it comes in, be sure to hide it really well because if you don’t, that’s also going to give it away with its black and bright green coloring, “Fleshlight” wording plastered along the length of the case, and several silhouettes of naked ladies decorating the remainder. That is until you get to the backside of the case, which contains a detailed description of what is inside, along with a picture of the labia orifice. So, discreet it is not. It also verges on unwieldy. After a seemingly short amount of time, the weight and size of the Fleshlight has a tendency to make your arm hurt. Not excruciating pain kind of hurt, but slight discomfort is a definite possibility.

While the Fleshlight does work and it did succeed in getting my partner off, he still remains adamant that his hand does it better. The reason for this, and his biggest complaint, is that the inside canal of this sleeve is too smooth. Perhaps he would like something with more texture to it; something that felt more like a vagina feels in terms of ridges against the inside the walls. The small end cap of the Fleshlight is, supposedly, supposed to be able to be tightened and loosened; by doing so, this should affect the intensity of suction that occurs during use. In-use, however, this does not work. There is no real difference in the intensity of the suction and to boot, the suction-action that does occur has a tendency to become a little loud, depending on the amount of lube you use.

So, does the Fleshlight work? Yes. Did it work well for us? That’s debatable, but has received mostly apathetic to mildly-annoyed reviews from the man. On the bright side, with over 2 million Fleshlights sold world-wide, this toy does work–and works fabulously–for a great deal of men out there.

Cleaning is a bit tricky with the Fleshlight, especially if you are very much used to maintaining vibrators, dildos, butt plugs and so on that are mostly made of silicone or plastic. After using the Fleshlight for the first time, I could not stress enough to pick up the care and usage guide that comes with the toy and go through the step-by-step instructions for cleaning. You don’t want to miss anything.

After use, remove the Superskin sleeve from the plastic case and run warm water through the sleeve and case thoroughly enough to remove all fluids. If you have a tough cleaning situation on your hands, is stressed to not use soap of any kind on Superskin as it can deteriorate the surface of the material, but you are able to use a small amount of isopropyl alcohol. After rinsing completely, you can use a towel to dry the sleeve and case, or leave it out to air dry. Be sure that before putting the Superskin sleeve back inside the case that it is completely dry. Totally dry. Really, really dry with absolutely no excess moisture whatsoever because Superskin can develop mold.

Over time, Superskin can lose its original silky smooth feel. To rectify this, and to return it to its original feel, you can dust it with corn starch. However, do not use baby powder or talcum powder. See, I told you this could get a little tricky.


Daily Sex Toys is super awesome and in addition to allowing me to review the Fleshlight, they are also giving one original lady Fleshlight away to one lucky Woman Tribune reader.

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