Manwich sloppy joe sauce

For Hearty Meals on a Busy Schedule Get Manwich #ad

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I have been eating Manwich since I was a kid, and I still remember what a treat they were, delightfully messy and delicious, whenever they were placed in front of me at the dinner table. Not much about my love of Manwich has changed since then, it is still messy and still delicious, only I’m the one making it now.

I was recently sent three cans of Manwich sweet and tangy sauce: Original, Bold, and Thick & Chunky.

Manwich sloppy joe sauce

Because Sloppy Joes disappear very quickly in this house, I like to make a double batch, browning twice the amount of meat and adding two cans of Manwich sauce. Not just that, but I mix and match; Original and Bold sauce together is awesome.

I can confidently say that my adult self may enjoy Sloppy Joes even more than my child self did. Not only does it still have that same taste I can devour in minutes, lick my fingers and hands semi-clean, and go back for seconds, but it is so quick and so easy to make. You would think a delicious meal the whole family can enjoy shouldn’t be this easy to make, but with Manwich it is.

First, brown your beef.

Manwich prep browned beef

Then add sauce.

Manwich prep beef and sauce

And serve.


As disappointing as it may be, the lazy days of summer are coming to end and our schedules are only going to get busier once fall arrives. Because Manwich can be made and put on the table in less than 30 minutes, it is a great weeknight meal solution for busy families with jam-packed schedules.

While we all probably think of Sloppy Joes when we think of Manwich, these sauces are actually really versatile. With three delicious flavors, the possibilities of Manwich recipes are limitless. For inspiration, look no further than the Manwich TV Ads.

Each can offers a full serving of vegetables and is free of artificial flavors and preservatives. So the next time you’re running low on time and wondering what you could possibly make for dinner, get Manwich.

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5 thoughts on “For Hearty Meals on a Busy Schedule Get Manwich #ad”

  1. This is one of those things we keep on hand in the pantry for an emergency meal if we’ve forgotten to plan ahead or are running low on fresh produce. We also bring it camping because it’s a quick and easy way to dress up ground beef without lugging along a bunch of extra ingredients.

  2. Too bad this isn’t available in the Philippine market. But I have had the chance to taste this once, when my grandmother from FL sent a cargo box containing a few cans of these. 🙂

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