Generate Your Very Own Heart Candy Messages

candy hearts

Everyone remembers those little heart candies–they’re practically Valentine’s Day staples. While I haven’t had them in quite a number of years, I do remember them fondly from all of my years of schooling, from elementary right through high school; they were always around during the month of February and perhaps they still make an appearance this time of year for some of you. However, if running out to the store is way too much trouble, especially if you’re one of the many out there who is still greeted with piles of snow and ice when you walk outside, you don’t have to venture out into the cold to get your candy heart fix.

You can now make your very own candy hearts just by typing what you want your heart to say in a little box and clicking on the color of heart you want it to be. Yet another V-Day gift you can instantly send out to your friends, families and lovers without even having to leave the computer. And if you absolutely loathe Valentine’s Day like the plague, there’s also a goth mode to create black hearts of apathy, broken hearts and rage galore!

Check out my absolutely hilarious candy hearts above and head on over to create your own.

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