P&G Free & Gentle laundry regimen

Get Messy This Summer, the P&G Free & Gentle Laundry Regimen Will Clean Up #SecondSkincare #IC #ad

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P&G Free & Gentle laundry regimen

Summer always gives me the overwhelming sense of freedom. No, I’m not talking about the 4th of July or having flashbacks to getting out of school for summer vacation. There is just something about how summer smells and how the air feels on my bare arms that I can’t get enough of. One of my favorite things to do during the summer is to get up very early, just as the sun is starting to come up, and stand out on my back porch with my arms up and out, feeling the air and warm morning breeze¬†envelope me. As I watch the sun begin to peek out from behind the mountains in the distance and listen to the birds chirp, I feel humble, human, and undeniably free.

Spring may be the season of rebirth and fresh starts, but summer is for reveling. Spontaneity, wide open spaces, and as much adventure as you can handle. With any good adventure comes mess; the good kind of mess — dirt, sweat, grass stains, chlorine, sunblock, bug repellent, sand, and everything else that makes summer so much fun.

We all know how important it is to keep our skin protected from the sun’s harmful UVA/UVB rays, but caring for our skin during the summer doesn’t begin and end with adequate sun protection. The clothes that we wear are often considered to be our “second skin,” and the regimen we use to care for the fabrics we wear closest to our bodies, throughout all of our adventures, our “second skincare.” When you have sensitive skin, your second skincare becomes just as important as the soaps, lotions, and body products you’re using directly on your skin.

P&G Free & Gentle laundry regimen

My fiance has moderate eczema that worsens in times of stress and changes in humidity. He has experienced flareups throughout his life, but we only recently got a definitive diagnosis when a particular flareup only continued to get worse and he was finally able to see a doctor about it. Thankfully he was prescribed a treatment that worked very well, but relying on a steroid cream is never an ideal solution, and something so heavily medicated should never be used regularly. That is precisely why it is so important to know exactly what you are putting in and on your skin, and to keep it limited to as little chemicals as possible.

The P&G Free & Gentle laundry regimen is specifically designed for people with sensitive skin and makes it easy to keep your fabrics free of potentially harmful irritants while delivering a deep clean through the trusted brands of Tide, Downy, and Bounce.

Tide Free & Gentle

Tide Free & Gentle Detergent / Tide Stain Release Free In-Wash Booster: The highly regarded and widely trusted brand we all know has gone gentle, and unsurprisingly is the leading free detergent. Tide Free & Gentle cleans deeper and removes more residue from stains while maintaining a mild formula for sensitive skin. The pods make it easy to dose your detergent without mess, and are perfectly portioned for just the right amount of detergent per load so you will ultimately save on detergent and money.

Downy Free & Gentle

Downy Free & Gentle Fabric Softener: Providing outstanding comfort and freshness, Downy Free & Gentle has a softening formula that fights static and reduces wrinkles while remaining mild on skin.

Bounce Free & Gentle

Bounce Free & Gentle Dryer Sheets: Completing the laundry regimen for sensitive skin trifecta, Bounce Free & Gentle are easy-to-use dryer sheets that provide freshness, softness, and static control while repelling pet hair and lint. In our 5-cat household, these sheets are the answer to not walking around looking like a human-sized hairball.

P&G Free & Gentle laundry regimen

Using the P&G Free & Gentle laundry regimen as our second skincare this summer means we can get as messy as our adventures allow without worrying about sensitive skin issues and flareups.

How do you keep your skin healthy amidst summer adventures?

23 thoughts on “Get Messy This Summer, the P&G Free & Gentle Laundry Regimen Will Clean Up #SecondSkincare #IC #ad”

  1. I love these brands, I may have to try these versions. Even during the summer I like to keep my skin soft with lotion everyday.

  2. When it comes to laundry and care of clothes, these always have to be with trusted brands. I consider Bounce, Tide, and Downy as experts when it comes to laundry. And for people with sensitive skin like me, I’d only want the best.

  3. I love the laundry pods. I have yet to try Tides free and gentle but I am almost out of my detergent now so I’ll have to pick some up!

    1. I am also a huge fan of laundry pods. How did we get by before without them? They are so convenient, and save money in the long run because you’re not overdosing your detergent.

  4. We use a gentle detergent. I’ll keep my eyes open for this though… if it’s on sale, I’ll try it. Tide is just too expensive for this budget-minded mama. (Hope it’s okay to confess that!)

    1. Of course it’s okay to confess that! Trusted brands can come with a hefty price tag. They’re banking (literally) on superior ingredients and name recognition, and it happens across the board of household products. We have 5 cats and my extended family are always clipping coupons for cat products for me so that I can continue to provide my cats with trusted brands. I get it!

    1. Swimming can definitely cause some serious flareups! We have a pool and in addition to the humidity, my fiance has had some of his worst flareups after spending time in the pool.

  5. I am the one who was using downy and tide , i also tried this version of laundry detergent since my husband has a sensitive skin

    1. Did you see a difference in your husband’s skin after you started using a Free & Gentle laundry regimen? We’ve noticed a lot less irritation since switching and would love to know if your family has seen similar results.

  6. My son has very sensitive skin. I would like to try these laundry detergents and see if it works.

  7. Those tide pods sound fantastic! I’m all about pods these days! Makes laundry day a tad bit easier

  8. Can’t imagine life without downy! And good to know Tide has something for the sensitive skin types. We’re not particular with laundry soap but i’d like to check this product

  9. These are all great products for sure but I have not yet tried any of these free & gentle products. I do love the Tide Pods and will for sure be getting the Free & Gentle ones to try. Thanks for sharing.

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