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The Right Gift at the Right Time

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  1. Kiara says:

    Love this… so true there is a certain etiquette to make gift giving even more special! 🙂

    Tobruckave Blog

  2. Armando says:

    Thanks for the carnations tip. I think I’m going to use it.
    One single carnation should work to break the initial awkwardness.
    Now how does one find out if she allergic without asking openly?

  3. One thing to remember about gift giving is that it’s not just about proving your love for someone, it’s about making them feel loved.

    Gift giving is an important part of some partners love code. Even if you don’t find gifts all that important to you doesn’t mean they aren’t important to your partner. Pay close attention to what code your partner speaks and learn to speak it. The results will shock you. ^_-

    I have a blog about marriage and relationships at the above web site. I haven’t written a post about gift giving, but I think I will after reading your post Holly.

    Thank You

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