The Right Gift at the Right Time

Christmas gift giving

Giving gifts is a globally accepted way of manifesting different emotions from people to others. A practice that is often expressed in many different ways in different cultures, sometimes it may be casual and other times it is treated with much reverence. For young and old, man, woman, and child, gifts symbolize thoughtfulness and consideration that people enjoy and cherish.

One particular situation you may find yourself in is giving a gift to someone you are either dating or in a relationship with. This is tricky business for some as they don’t know what is appropriate to give or when it is appropriate to give. Relationships have different stages and only you can truly gauge when the best time to purchase something for someone is. Is it really important to know when to give something? Yes, but what is equally important is what you give too. Gifts and their messages can often be misconstrued. Sometimes things mean one thing to someone and something completely different to someone else. Doing a bit of research, paying close attention, and just arming yourself with some common sense, you’ll be able to successfully give a gift to the person you’re dating or in a relationship with. When done correctly, a gift will be met with much appreciation. Have a look at our tips and pointers on what to give and when to give it:

  1. Giving flowers is one of the most popular things you can do, but it can also give the wrong idea. For example, the time honored tradition of giving roses on a first date is actually not always met with smiles by modern-day women. Roses, especially red ones, are a symbol of love, and let’s face it–there’s no way love is showing up on your first blind date with anyone. Should you want to show someone you thought of them, were excited at the prospect of meeting up with them, and are looking forward to maybe doing it again, your best bet is a more likeable, less affectionate flower like carnations. In simple pink or yellow, either on their own or bundled with tulips or stargazers, you’re sending the right message on that first blind date.
  2. Because gift giving can become a very expensive exercise, choose gifts and dates that actually mean something. Week-verseries are not cause to bring out the credit card, but at the six month mark, it would be nice to do something for your partner that’s a little more tangible. By this time you may have fallen in love and red roses would be fine, but to commemorate it’s always a good idea to acknowledge where the relationship started. What movie did you see on your first date? Why not get it on DVD. Did you have dinner at a particular restaurant? Why not take him there? Gifts don’t always have to be boxed, and remember, thoughts count just as much!

There should also be fairness when it comes to gift giving in that no gender should be excused from giving gifts because they are usually only on the recipient end. Especially when it comes to anniversaries, you must put as much thought in it as you would like your love to!

3 thoughts on “The Right Gift at the Right Time”

  1. Thanks for the carnations tip. I think I’m going to use it.
    One single carnation should work to break the initial awkwardness.
    Now how does one find out if she allergic without asking openly?

  2. One thing to remember about gift giving is that it’s not just about proving your love for someone, it’s about making them feel loved.

    Gift giving is an important part of some partners love code. Even if you don’t find gifts all that important to you doesn’t mean they aren’t important to your partner. Pay close attention to what code your partner speaks and learn to speak it. The results will shock you. ^_-

    I have a blog about marriage and relationships at the above web site. I haven’t written a post about gift giving, but I think I will after reading your post Holly.

    Thank You

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