This Little Girl Kicks Your Ass on Guitar

Zoe Thomson So, you have a craft that you have been honing for years. You’re passionate about it, it fulfills you, and how it makes you feel is what has kept you going through the years, continuing your work and not giving up in the face of the incredible struggles you have had with it. Then a little kid comes around and completely puts any work you could ever produce to shame. Ever happen to you? Well, if you’re a guitar player, meet Zoe Thomson.

Zoe is 8 years old and she is an incredible guitar player–and not just for being 8 years old, either. She has incredible talent, surpassing the skill level of people who have been playing the instrument longer than she has been alive.

You can also see Zoe in The Mini Band, a band made up of kids ages 8 to 10 who are all taught at Lets Play Rock in the UK.

7 thoughts on “This Little Girl Kicks Your Ass on Guitar”

  1. Ha! I play guitar—- or have been relearning to (I did many years ago, and I have just recently started to again)— and I love seeing this! Is it strange that I find it inspirational?

  2. Awesome kid and they all seem to be having fun with it. I just hope they are using hearing protection because kid ears can’t take the volume of being a rock-band on stage.

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