Giving Back by Beautifying Your Community

There are many variables that go into making a community great, and one of the biggest is its outdoor spaces. Much like the curb appeal of your home sets the first impression for those who pass by your home, the outdoor spaces in your community set the tone for the community as a whole.

The visual appeal of a community can improve home and business values, boost tourism and improve your community’s image in your state. Thankfully, there are ways that you can give back to your community and work to improve its general aspect. Even small steps are important. Check out these five great ideas that you can do by yourself or as a family.

Home Improvement

First, start in your own yard. Make sure that your landscaping is as good as you can get it and that the outer portion of your home is well-kept. Be sure to mow your lawn frequently and fertilize it seasonally. Add color by planting perennials that are easy to maintain and that bloom throughout the year. Paint your home regularly if it needs it, and consider minor home improvements that do not cost much, such as changing or painting your front door, adding shutters or replacing your mailbox.

Start a Community Beautification Project

Second, see if you can inspire your neighbors to join you in your beautification project with a competition. Consider setting up a competition on your street for the best flower bed or the best window boxes. Ask one individual from outside your street to be the judge. Once you have worked together like this, your neighbors may be more interested in other projects, such as attracting birds or honeybees to the community.

Increase Community Green Space

Third, determine if your community offers free or low-cost trees or other outdoor elements to its citizens. Some communities sell very small saplings in groupings of 50 or 100. If this is the case, your neighborhood could work together to plant these trees up and down the street. You could also see if your community would allow you to use these trees to beautify a local park. Some communities will drop off or even plant trees along the curb for homeowners who want one or two to amp up green space along local streets. Giving back to your community by increasing green space will benefit both current residents and future generations.

Next, you could volunteer as a family to clean up your local park or a particular street or public space in town. You may even want to consider adopting an area as a family and cleaning it up regularly. Pick up trash, clear weeds away, plant flowers seasonally and rake leaves when needed in parks. Roadways generally need regular trash pickup.

Add Public Art

Finally, if you are an artist, see if your community has a plan for public art. Some communities appreciate public art being displayed on certain buildings and in parks or painted on fences or walls. These scenes typically display historical or cultural aspects of the town. Some entrepreneurs, such as Neill Sullivan, support this type of work as well. Some cities have also had success in bringing their community together with street pianos. Music can help individuals connect regardless of their differences, and These perfectly-placed pianos double as a cheap form of entertainment.

A beautiful community with many gorgeous outdoor spaces will help to attract tourists as well as new residents. Plus, it is just as good for those who already live in your community because they can enjoy the new natural spaces and enjoy the lush and vibrant outdoor elements of their hometown. A great hometown is not just one that has plenty of businesses, adequate jobs, and affordable housing. Instead, it is one that improves the residents’ quality of living in numerous ways. You can be a part of creating a vibrant and beautiful community when you give back by improving and beautifying outdoor spaces around you.

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