G-Ki Review: The Easy Way to Find Your G-Spot

Disclaimer: This post is adult in nature and therefore only intended for a mature audience.

G-Ki The G-Ki vibrator from Je Joue is an innovative luxury vibrator with some pretty lengthy aspirations, which make it full of little surprises and features.

Many people claim that the g-spot does not exist. I have always thought that the bulk of those people were men who just couldn’t find their lady’s g-spot. Then I think some scientists were also having a bit of a location problem (especially considering the g-spot is not located in the same place in every woman) and decided to conduct a study so they could prove the myth that is the g-spot. As soon as that “scientific evidence” came out, I believe that convinced some women that they didn’t have a g-spot and so the myth continues. But it does exist, I assure you, you just may have a little trouble trying to find yours at first.

While I have known the location of my g-spot for quite some time, I have been looking for a vibrator that could reach it, considering how oddly high it is. Seriously, it’s high, as in way up there, as in whenever I hear a sex educator or sex toy retail person claim that you can get a small toy and reach your g-spot because it should be located within 3 inches of your vaginal canal, I laugh and laugh and then after laughing, I laugh some more. I have had three vibrators specifically made for g-spot stimulation and out of those three, I have one that can reach it. Because of its high placement, I not only need something with a good upward angle, I also need something pretty long. I also like my toys to be on the thicker side, so as you can tell, I’ve been looking for quite a few features in one toy and you may be thinking I have set myself up for failure.

That is precisely why I was so interested in having the opportunity to review the G-Ki, which Babeland was so very generous to send to me for this review.

The G-Ki has received an immense amount of praise, but I wanted to know if it was receiving such positive reviews because it is a higher-priced ($99), luxury vibrator and the fact that it is made by Je Joue, the same brains behind the SaSi, which also received a great deal of praise, or if the G-Ki could really be my g-spot’s BFF.

The G-Ki is made of 100% body safe silicone, it has five speeds and pulsations, it’s waterproof and it has two spots where if you push the sphere down, it is easily adjusted for a more intense curve to hit your g-spot. It has a bulbous head that tapers down into a thinner shaft and depending on and how far you adjust your G-Ki for more of a curve, the base of the vibrator where the power buttons are located can sit against your clit and vibrate while you’re also stimulating your g-spot. Amazing concept! Bravo, Je Joue!

The G-Ki arrives packaged in a decorated cardboard box and inside that box is another, this one is black and super classy, tied with a ribbon.

G-Ki package

When you open it up, the G-Ki vibrator is nestled in perfectly-fitting plastic and your user manuals and magnetic charger are underneath the plastic, which you have to lift up to get to.

G-Ki package open

When I first took the G-Ki out of its box, without ever using it before, I turned it on and felt the vibrations in my hand. I was impressed, delighted, excited and could not wait to get it inside of me. The vibrations felt incredibly intense, all five different pulsations and speeds. Terribly eager to see how my vagina would react to the vibrations I was classifying as “Oh yes, this is going to be awesome!”, when I did use it, the vibrations just didn’t seem as intense as they were in my hand, which I thought was weird because I would like to think that my vagina is a little more sensitive than my hand. Had all of my escapades with the Hitachi desensitized me!? I’m going to go with no on that one, if only because it makes me feel better. I know that I do need a significant amount of power behind a vibration and I like my vibrations to be steady, constant and yes, awesome. While the G-Ki did bring me to orgasm, I’m quite fortunate that it is a g-spot vibrator instead of merely a clitoral stimulator because the g-spot stimulation was great, while the vibrations leave just a little something to be desired.

I really like how soft the G-Ki is, I love that you can basically customize it to your g-spot and it did hit my g-spot with very minimal effort. The first time I used it, I squirted quite a bit which is always a great indicator that you’ve found a pleasantly effective g-spot stimulator. It wasn’t an all-time high on my ability-to-squirt meter (yes, I have a meter) but it was respectable. Each time I have used the G-Ki, I have squirted, except for one time when I used it in the bath tub, but I generally do not enjoy bringing toys to the tub and much prefer a book, but I wanted to test out G-Ki’s ability to hold up fully submerged. It did wonderfully and didn’t lose power in the least. The G-Ki is also incredibly quiet. I was really surprised by its ability to stay at a very low volume, safe to use in a room with the door closed without anyone ever knowing what you’re doing in there.

After much fiddling around with G-Ki’s ability to bend, I have tried every angle the shaft can lock into and the only real problem I have found with it is that I really, really wish the vibrator could sit on my clit without having to maneuver it in a way where I have to rock back and forth on it. There is a time for rocking back and forth on a toy, sure, usually it’s when I’m sitting at my computer working, which is always great fun and certainly makes the work day more entertaining, but when I am really in the mood for the squirting-inducing orgasms of the G-Ki and find myself mid-play and really want the vibrations on my clit, I have found that it just does not line up with me correctly. That was also a disappointment.

Overall I think the G-Ki is definitely something to look into if you enjoy your g-spot stimulation (and what woman doesn’t? Seriously.) Or if you believe that you don’t have a g-spot, because you do and the G-Ki will find it.


I received the G-Ki for review. No other compensation was received, and opinions are my own.

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  1. Wow! Such a stream line form! I think I will buy it as a present for my mom or my girl friend, I think they will happy and grateful for my buying them this small cute gadget, G-Ki is very good!

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