Graphic Design is Good for Business [infographic]

So you have a really good idea for a website. That’s great; too bad if it doesn’t look pretty few will spend more than a few seconds on it before deciding they don’t need it in their lives. When it comes to working on the internet, if your website isn’t nice to look at, no one is going to stick around waiting for you to make it right–regardless of what the website is about, if it could help people, or if it’s just good old-fashioned entertainment.

Any website must have three components: it must be functional, it must be beautiful, and it must be simple. To ensure that their startups weren’t doomed from the start, many well-known websites and services that countless people utilize today began with a co-founder who was a graphic designer. These startups include Pinterest, Instagram, Tumblr, and more.

Check out the infographic below to learn more about why design is good for business. It outlines the different types of designers that are out there, the best places in the country for design jobs, and expected salaries for those jobs depending on where you work.

Courtesy of: InVisionApp

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3 thoughts on “Graphic Design is Good for Business [infographic]”

  1. well, this all sounds good but, I know some people who majored in graphic design and got squat from it so far. the only way of ever having a job in this is in a really big city. I think what graphic designers do is cool and it’s nice to have that ability but don’t expect a job immediately

  2. This is really interesting…and I agree – good design is key for a startup. An unattractive website will have no takers regardless of how life-changing the content or service is.

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