Great Little Girl’s Room Before and After

childs room before Plain, petite and not at all pretty. When Cindy and Robert moved to their new home in Denver, this bedroom was clearly the right spot for their 5-year-old daughter, Megan. We found the paint, furnishings, lighting, art and accessories to make this a gorgeous little girls room — and you’ll see the after too! (No cheating by scrolling down to the bottom first!)

This family’s Stylefinder palette choice is bold jewel tones and their Stylefinder Style is mostly Traditional. Perfect for this bedroom with honey-toned hardwood floors.

Stylefinder color paletteMy Stylefinder Profile

They wanted a classic pink and lime green palette. While this palette may have originated in Palm Beach — we do it As, Always, Affordable. My Design Guide style selecting Candy Lime from True Value Hardware paints. Need help with a paint selection? Only $39.

My Paint Selections

My Product Selections - bed and side table

This bed from Target made Megan (and Mom) giddy. Keep in mind that white furniture is also easy to create from thrift store finds. My Design Guide Must for this room: Keeping the furniture scale small to fit the rooms size and mostly Traditional in style.

My Product Selections - bedding and curtains

The bedding (we always give you options) really sets the tone of the room. The quilting keeps it traditional, like the furniture and the bed, but the color keeps it kid-friendly and playful.

My Product Selections - accessories

The important thing in a child’s bedroom, and in most rooms, is to not be afraid of adding personal touches, like these wall shelves and graphic area rug. Those items will make any space feel cozy and comfortable, as well as marking the space as uniquely yours.

chandelierTakayam table lampwhite table lampcat lamp

Lovely Lighting. A chandelier and your choice of adorable, affordable bedside lamps makes this room complete. (Yes, youv’e seen our favorite chandelier from Target before — it works!) The Takayam table lamp (#2) is a little more modern, but the right size, scale and color — making the overall design look a bitch more rich. Anyone can go out and buy a room full of matchy-matchy furniture, our Custom Room Designs use the unique!

Drum Roll Please…

childs room after

Do you love it? While a bed on an angle isn’t always successful, this one works because it helps to get some of that furniture off the walls and interacting with the negative space in the room. The other furniture also is set parallel to the bed, which creates square spaces int he room, adding a structured feel in a playful way.

This room’s playful nature is designed to be a room for a child that serves a function while still creating a place of whimsy and energy any child would love. It has feminine touches in both the decorative headboard and foot board, as well as the color palette. Green and pink are complimentary, and that always keeps a color concept strong. The white furniture allows the wall color and bedding to really stand on their own and minimizes some of the heaviness of the furniture, which helps to make the space feel child-friendly.

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  1. Hello, I really loved the colors you have chosen for your little girls room. The pink and green looks great together. The quilt goes perfectly with the furniture and the traditional feel of the room, while the color combo keeps the room looking fun and youthful, I love it!

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