Go Green in Your Garden

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  1. I love all natural products…so much better for the environment.

  2. Great post! There’s another environmentally safe weed killer that works great–Salt Water. That’s right, just pour a healthy amount of salt in a bucket of warm water and spray it on your weeds. They’ll wither within a week…and it’s environmentally safe!

  3. patty says:

    it’s important to read labels and verify which items are truly green and eco-friendly vs the ones that use the “green” banner as just another marketing tool.

  4. Great product. I have been looking for an organic herbicide to use in my garden and have had a hard time finding one in my area. I guess I will have to buy it online.

  5. Szenovera says:

    Keep the world always green. So just followed this tips to applied friendly material for gardening hobbies.

  6. Herbicide says:

    That’s a really good tip. It is always good to use things that are environmental friendly. It prevents bad long term effects.

  7. Thsnks for sharing the Nature’s Avenger product. I used to use one of the poisonous herbicides around my flower beds, but a few years ago switched to a vinegar and salt combination to kill weeds.

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  11. Eyglo says:

    It’s just great to see how many people are starting to think green and do something about it.

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