Grow Big, Beautiful Flowers and Veggies Organically with Whitney Farms

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With gardening season now in full swing, leisurely strolls down the plant food and fertilizer aisle are frequent for many avid and novice gardeners. This year, I am a novice gardener. I have two large pots sitting in the middle of my not at all cleaned out or ready garden area, hence why I’m starting out with growing in pots, with tiny little green sprouts finally beginning to emerge from the soil. It’s hard to believe that they will soon be tomato plants, but they will be, and I am excited.

tomato plants The reason why I and why many others start a vegetable garden, besides curbing the weekly grocery bill, as nice as that will be, is because we all want to know what is actually in the foods that we eat. When you buy a tomato at the grocery store you really have no idea what went into growing that vegetable, what chemicals were used, in what conditions it grew in, and how long it has been sitting in that grocery store crate before you picked it out, placed it in a plastic bag, and brought it home. Nobody wants to synthetic chemicals used to grow their fresh vegetables, which is why many gardeners choose to use only organic soil and organic plant food in their gardens.

109103_1.jpg (6 documents, 6 total pages) Enter: Whitney Farms(R), a full line of 100% natural plant foods and soils with no additives and nothing artificial. What you’ll find in Whitney Farms’ products is simply ingredients from the Earth, designed to give you big, beautiful flowers and veggies. With over 25 years of leading gardening experience, they have improved their products to have:

  • Low to no dust
  • No manure odor
  • Easy to apply
  • Contains beneficial microbes
  • Specially designed protein-based blends provide your plants with both macro and micronutrients they need to grow and thrive

Learning about Whitney Farms came as a delightful surprise. Before just recently, I had never heard of the brand before, only to find out that they are part of the Scotts line of products, who are also the same brilliant minds behind Miracle-Gro and other leading names in gardening products and tools. I had no idea that Scotts had an all-natural, organic brand of plant food!

To try out Whitney Farms, you can download a coupon for $3 off one of their products by visiting their website.


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  1. It’s quite frustrating that products like these don’t seem to be as readily available in Australia. That packet looks so good, it looks more like a breakfast muesli than plant food 🙂

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