gym personas infographic

Gym Personas: Spotting the Regulars #infographic

gym personas infographic

Whichever gym you go to, you’ve likely spotted an array of characters working out nearby. We’ve all seen the “Selfie Goddess” with her flawlessly coifed ‘do, makeup perfectly in place, and striking the most flattering pose to share on social media. Finding “Jack the Ripped” means locating the guy grunting loudly as he does an extreme bench press during his second workout of the day. He’ll stop only to down a protein shake. Of course, “That Guy/Gal” — the one ridiculously comfortable in his or her own skin and wants the world to know it — is less likely to be on the workout floor and is more easily found wandering around the locker room, shower, or steam room in their birthday suit.

Spot more gym personas with the cheat sheet in the infographic below:

Gym Personas – How to Spot the Regulars at In-Shape

12 thoughts on “Gym Personas: Spotting the Regulars #infographic”

  1. I laughed so hard because all of these people are real. And I avoid most of them like the plague.

  2. This made me laugh out loud! It’s missing just one – Me! The “I don’t want to be here, I hate my trainer and this is hard, let me catch my breath, Water! I need water! Oh god it’s only been 5 minutes. “

    1. Oh I can totally relate there! After a particularly tough day at the gym I had walked into the restroom and looked into the mirror only to be horrified at my red face, my hair wet with sweat, and looking like a hot mess. I was definitely not the Selfie Goddess that day.

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