Hair Tips from ‘Pretty Little Liars’ Prom Episode

Pretty Little Liars prom
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  1. LydiaF says:

    Love the short ‘do. I wonder if I can pull off a head band with a headful of gray, hahaha. It would have to be the right headband, I guess.

  2. Jenn says:

    I love the beach waves look! Its so classy in my opinion. I wish my hair would work better though with a curling wand, no matter what I do I can never get it right and it winds up a frizzy mess.

  3. Jaclyn Anne says:

    Thank you so much – I needed these tips! Whenever I try to do beach waves it ends up just looking messy. I will try these tips!

  4. I love the look of long , beachy waves! Thanks for the great tips!

  5. Michelle F. says:

    I have always loved the fashion and hair styles from PLL. I have to start watching the series again.

  6. I am always trying to find a fun way to style my long hair. Thanks for the tips!

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