Halloween Crackle Nails with Julep

Julep October It Girl Maven Box

October at Julep is all about making magic with color and having a blast while getting into the spirit of Halloween. I really love Halloween, and while I do have a few accessories (and several pairs of Halloween socks!) that I pull out for the occasion, when it comes to nail color, I have most often opted for a simple black nail polish and that’s about it.

I received the Julep “It Girl” Maven Box this month, and included were three new nail colors, including a crackle polish that creates some pretty fabulous nail art with minimal effort.

The colors (from left to right in the photo above)

  • Leslie (black and silver specked shimmer)
  • Caroline (darkest burgundy shimmer)
  • Glenda (radiant silver metallic crackle)

Julep crackle nail polish

I had such a difficult time trying to get a good photo of Caroline and Glenda on my nails, but at least you can see the crackle effect going on. A much better photo can be seen on the Julep Blog, or check out Sarah’s photos (and thoughts) of this Maven Box over at OneStarryNight. Sarah is great; she always has amazing photos (of a whole lot more than nail polish, too) and she was actually the person who first got me interested in the Julep Maven program.

Also included in the October “It Girl” Maven Box were two nail glitter pots in black and orange. I haven’t tried these out yet, particularly because I have never used loose nail glitter before and was very apprehensive about it. Full glitter nail polish is hard enough to get off and I can’t even begin to imagine what it would be like to get this nail glitter off my nails. Oh wait, yes, I can imagine what it would be like–frustrating.

Anyway, that is the Julep October “It Girl” Maven Box, and this is the nail look I will be rocking for the rest of this month, especially on Halloween!

If you love trying out new nail polishes, as well as manicure, pedicure, beauty, and bath products, I would definitely recommend you give the Julep Maven program a shot. I have been a member for quite a few months now and really enjoy it.

I did not receive anything from Julep in order to write this post. I am simply a member of the Julep Maven program and really like it!

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  1. This sounds like a really fun gift to get my 21 year old daughter. She is Always doing and re-doing her nails almost daily! She likes to use glitter and crackle and all the fun stuff that is trendy…thanks so much for letting me know about the Julep Maven Program.

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