This Halloween, Give Out Something Kids and the Environment will Love

Tetra Pak Bulk-sized bags of candy have adorned the aisles of your local grocery stores as well as party and specialty shots since the end of September in preparation for Halloween. Halloween has always been the haunted-house-going, candy-receiving holiday for children; well, as far back as our own childhoods go, anyway. Most people hand out candy and junk food, others, albeit very few and those not particularly popular with children, give out toothbrushes, raisins and other not-so-sugary sweets. This Halloween, you can give out something that isn’t completely filled with sugar, but will also delight the children who receive your loot–chocolate milk!

Sure, not just any chocolate milk–shelf-safe milk in Tetra Pak cartons. Trick or Treat Me is spreading the word about the benefits of shelf-safe Tetra Pak cartons of chocolate milk and trusted brands including Hershey’s and Organic Valley have begun offering their chocolate milk in in these cartons. Not only do these milk cartons make excellent Halloween loot, but they will also ensure that your children get all the nutrients they need every day.

Tetra Paks are shelf-safe, which means that they can be stored in the pantry until you’re ready to hand them out for Halloween or until the morning you pop them into your kid’s school lunches. This also means that you can buy them in bulk and keep them in the pantry for up to 12 months without worrying about them going bad or becoming unusable. They are healthy for kids, they don’t contain preservatives and they are made mainly from paper, a renewable resource that can be recycled. Not only will you make your children happy when you give them this delicious snack or supplement to their lunch, but you’ll also be helping the environment and reducing your family’s carbon footprint.

Check out the video below from Robin Miller to see how easy it is to incorporate these Tetra Pak cartons of milk into your children’s school lunches and also get a few tips on how to stretch your family’s budget when it comes to preparing nutritious and delicious lunches:

If you’re not yet in the Halloween spirit (you only have two weeks left) you will be after visiting Twick or Tweet Me and sending a Halloween tweet to your friends. You’ll also be able to see (and vote for) people who you think are the scariest twitterers out there in the Twittersphere.


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  1. Check out YummyEarth if you are looking to make a kid and planet friendly Halloween. My husband started YummyEarth to make treats for our kids without yucky chemical ingredients. We have lollipops and drops in 21 flavors and just launched YummyEarth Organic Gummy Bears and Worms. You can find us at, Whole Foods, Toys R Us and other chain and local stores. Happy Halloween.

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