Handed Down: Handmade Lawn Ornaments

lawn ornaments - coyote and cacti

I meant to post these pictures weeks ago, but never got around to actually doing it. Oh, the things I set out and fully intend to do, but then just don’t… I forgot about posting them altogether until I noticed the folder sitting on my desktop, patiently waiting for me to remember that I had meant to do something with the pictures inside, and I figured that there’s no time like the present!

My great-grandparents made a lot of different things: wooden home decor items, Christmas ornaments, clothes, quilts and afghans, toys, and so on. A lot of the things they had made have been passed along to members of my family throughout the past eight years since my great-grandmother died. Last month, my grandmother asked if I wanted lawn ornaments that my great-grandfather made out of wood and that my great-grandmother painted. They had been packed away in her basement for the past several years and she couldn’t use them because her yard is very small and she doesn’t have the room to accommodate them. Since my yard is pretty large, she thought they would look great here. They were fairly weathered and needed to be repainted, so when I said that I would like to have them, my grandmother repainted them for me and brought them up to my house.

lawn ornaments - coyote and cacti closeup

lawn ornaments - dutch couple

lawn ornaments - dutch couple closeup

lawn ornaments - Dopey

I think they look really great. They bring a whole lot of character to my yard, and it means a lot to me to be able to have things that my great-grandparents made several decades ago, especially since they are no longer with us. Whenever I’m out in my yard and look at them and appreciate all that they add to the space, I can remember my family and where they came from.

5 thoughts on “Handed Down: Handmade Lawn Ornaments”

  1. How sweet. The whole story is just beautiful. I like that there is history and a story behind the pieces that you can share with others and your children.

  2. What an absolutely precious story! Those sould definitely be cherished pieces, they’re adorable. I love the little gnome in the last pic, he’s my favorite 🙂 Thanks for sharing, these are really great and so special!

  3. Love this! That’s my style too….I’d rather have something handed down that I can really use and enjoy, not an heirloom to sit on a shelf and just look at.

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