Happy Pi Day, Geeks!

Today is March 14th, a date geeks and math enthusiasts around the world know as Pi Day.

Google Pi Day Sure, most of us know that Pi= 3.1415926535… but you can brush up on your pi facts by learning more about pi, send friends Pi Day greetings, and keep up with what people around the world are doing to celebrate Pi Day by checking out Google Trends. Even Google is celebrating Pi Day by changing their Google Doodle of the day (seen to the right). You can also feel free to call all of your friends and family members and sing some Pi Day songs to those you know will appreciate them (and your singing voice, of course.)

pi and cherry pie earrings There is anything but a short in awesomely geeky novelty items for every Pi lover out there to go nuts over–like these Pi and pie earrings ($7.50) from Etsy user nerdgoddess. These are made from polymer clay, glaze and wire and are water-resistant, rather than waterproof, so while you may be able to wear them while it’s drizzling during a summer afternoon, you cannot take them into the shower or swimming without ruining them. They are sure to relay the message to each and every single person you come into contact with that you don’t need to present them with your Official Geek Card, because you have something better–and it’s dangling from your earlobes.

Pi guy If you’re looking for a gift for a math enthusiast or just have a thing for all things plush, Etsy user Kim Payne has the perfect solution–a Pi Guy ($6.00). This guy is made of cotton fabric with a green crackle print and has embroidered eyes and mouth and polyester stuffing. If green isn’t your style, take a look at the many other Pi Guys available of differing colors and prints.

Pi notecards Don’t forget to spread the word about Pi Day, or just send a lovely message, letter, thank you, words of encouragement and so on to a friend using these utterly awesome Pi notecards ($8.00) from Etsy user ziggybaby. The stamps used to make these notecards were carved from linoleum and were inked onto archival quality cardstock, so you are getting a completely handmade, straight from the heart of a fellow geek item when you get these notecards. I especially love how when you open these notecards, the first 17 decimal places of pi is stamped along the bottom.

You can effortlessly search Etsy for all pi-related items to satisfy your pi-loving, geeky soul and enjoy your Pi Day!

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