Off With Your Head Review

Disclaimer: This post is adult in nature and therefore only intended for a mature audience.

Off With Your Head I have had my Hitachi Magic Wand since January 2009. It has been through a lot through the years. A lot of uses. A lot of banging around from a box to a bigger box to an even bigger box to an even bigger plastic Rubbermaid container where my collection of sex toys still resides–until the collection outgrows just one container and I’ll incorporate a second. I think ahead! If you have a Hitachi, you’ll notice one thing about them after you’ve had it for about a year or more–its head begins to discolor. What was once a completely white vinyl/plastic head has suddenly taken on more of a beige color; and this happens regardless of how well you clean the head after every single use, I assure you. After quite a number of years, or depending on how rough your Hitachi’s world is, the head can even crack, which can be devastating, at least until you discover that you can get other head attachments for it.

Fascinations recently sent me one Hitachi Magic Wand Attachment to review–the Off With Your Head, a replacement attachment made of 100% silicone rubber, hand-crafted and manufactured by Vixen Creations.

The Off With Your Head arrived packaged in a really unique cylinder-shaped container that is completely see-through with the exception of the base and top, which are red. It’s a cute little container that is completely reusable and can be used to store either the Off With Your Head attachment when you’re not using it or the original Hitachi head when you pop it off and replace it with the attachment.

Printed on the back of the cylinder container is everything you need to know about what the attachment is made of and how to clean it and inside contains just one piece of red paper with a small diagram of how to pop off the original Hitachi Magic Wand head so you can use the attachment. The only words on this piece of paper are “Gently grasp the rim of the Hitachi head with your fingers and pull back in a rotating motion.” Simple and to the point, yes? You would think so until you realize that the word gently should not be used in any reference to how to get that original Hitachi head to pop off. There is nothing gentle about this process. I read this sentence about 40 times throughout the process of getting the head of my Hitachi to unhinge itself from the wand; you know, just to make sure I had read it correctly and was, in fact, doing it correctly. I was. I’m pretty good with following simple instructions most of the time, the problem was not me. I placed my fingers at the rim of the Hitachi, attempting to gently pull it off the wand. The word gently quickly went flying out of the window as I attempted to use my thighs to keep the wand in place while I downright lifted the original head up, rotating it every so often to see if that would magically get it to separate itself. After that I used the arches of my feet to keep the wand in place. Then one hand while my other tried to lift the head up. I went through this process probably about 10 to 15 times until eventually it budged and off came the original head, along with padding that was secured underneath it which I later discovered is pretty necessary to keep the Hitachi Magic Wand’s sound waves under jackhammer capacity. I must tell you, in all honesty, I did break a sweat during this process; something I was pretty amazed at having done since this was supposed to be oh so very, very easy.

Getting the Off With Your Head attachment on the Hitachi Magic Wand was very simple. Not by comparison to getting the original head off, but just simple. If you don’t have that aforementioned padding secured under the attachment, that is, and at first, I didn’t.

In as little time as it took for me to remove the Off With Your Head attachment from its packaging, put it on the Hitachi Magic Wand, plug in the wand and set up myself and my surroundings to use it, the entire attachment was covered in cat hair, fibers, lint and other such junk. My house is not horribly unkempt, mind you, but this thing picks up everything. It has special hair-catching abilities and I’m pretty sure just bringing it into a room makes hair and lint draw to it from all four corners of any given room. Magical, I tell you. Of course after giving it a thorough washing, using just hot water and all-natural, all-purpose soap and keeping it away from any surface either of my cats had previously been around, I turned the Hitachi Magic Wand on with its new head attached. My first reaction was complete and utter surprise as the noise level of the Hitachi went up significantly with the new head. Low and behold that padding is used for more than keeping the head secured onto the top of the wand. After getting used to the noise level and able to really use it, I started to play around with not just the new feeling of silicone rubber, but also the raised ridges that are incorporated into both sides of the head.

The first are three vertical ridges that are meant to be used for vulva stimulation. Due to the material used to make this attachment, and not being too fond of the amount of drag that some toys naturally have to them, never mind the feeling of rubber against my vulva, I found this a whole lot more enjoyable when used with ample amounts of water-based lube. On the opposite side of the head is a single raised ridge that is meant for clitoral stimulation. The reason for this, I can only assume, is because the Hitachi does not give you pinpoint vibrations; something that, when you have it, is absolutely amazing. That in itself is why so many people report their undying love for the Wahl; some even more-so than the Hitachi.

A lot of people really love the Off With Your Head attachment. Like, really. Enthusiastic reports of love going on. I really wish I knew what these people were doing to make it work so well for them because I want to experience it! Sadly I have not.

As I mentioned earlier, when I got the Off With Your Head situated on my Hitachi Magic Wand and began to use it, I really didn’t enjoy the dragging feeling of the three rubber ridges against my skin. When I applied water-based lube to the head and then used it, it was a lot more comfortable but I think that, combined with the severely intense vibrations of the Hitachi kind of rendered the ridges useless. The same happened with the one raised ridge meant specifically for clitoral stimulation. The thing about the Hitachi Magic Wand is that it covers a lot of surface area. It doesn’t dole out pinpoint vibrations and although this attachment head does its best to transform the Hitachi into a pinpoint-vibration-giving massager, it just doesn’t.

When it comes to changing the heads of the Hitachi Magic Wand, I think I’m in need of an extra set of hands that are much stronger than mine. My Hitachi has not been the same since I popped its original head off and when I went to put it back on, well, that was a hell of an ordeal and still, I can’t get it so that it fits over that inside padding again. It has been an impossible task for me.

I imagine I would be far more upset about my inability to return my Hitachi to normal if I used my Hitachi as much as I used to; if this were to happen maybe a year or more ago, then yeah, I’d be pretty devastated about the unfolding of events. So, I can offer only this advice, if you venture into the world of replacement attachment heads for your Hitachi Magic Wand, be very sure of what you’re doing and hope you possess the skills to be able to return it to its previous state.


Thanks to Fascinations for giving me the opportunity to review the Off With Your Head.

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