Take the Do Something Healthy Schools Challenge and Enter for a Chance to Win a Scholarship

Healthy Schools Challenge Do Something is raising awareness of the troubling statistic that nearly 1 in 3 young Americans are overweight or obese. They are encouraging and motivating young people to make a difference within their own schools and communities with the launch of the Healthy Schools Challenge.

Young people who want to take part in the Healthy Schools Challenge should pick some of their best friends and register their team on dosomething.org/HealthySchools and start a healthy living project at their school. By reporting back and sharing what they did to make their school a healthier place to be, the person who started their team could win a $1,000 scholarship for college as well as an awesome party for their school courtesy of Do Something.

Need some ideas for your own healthy living project? Young people are already hosting field days, getting health food vending machines put in their schools, hosting exercise experts at their schools, educating the community on where people can buy local organic food and starting organic gardens to be used in making healthy school lunches.

Do Something has some pointers for young people interested in the Healthy Schools Challenge, so head on over and get started today.

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