Heart Double Slapper Review from MyPleasure

Disclaimer: This post is adult in nature and therefore only intended for a mature audience.

Heart Double Slapper When it comes to adult toys like floggers, slappers, whips and the like, I have very little experience. In fact, I have one whip that I reviewed back in March of 2009 and that’s about it. Obviously that whip had served me well enough to last without me seeking replacement or anything else for over two years, and a lot of the times when I’m in the mood for a good spanking, my partner uses his hand which is always at the ready without having to go and search through a 32 gallon Rubbermaid container where I keep all of my toys, accessories and such. Yeah, that can get a bit irritating. However, recently I have been testing my boundaries as far as pain-as-pleasure goes and, well, it was about time to see what else was out there. So MyPleasure was kind enough to send me their Heart Double Slapper to review for this very purpose.

The Heart Double Slapper is made of layered leather, making it thick enough to keep a good grasp on while you wield it, without it being too thick for a smaller hand, like my own, to fit around the handle comfortable, and firm enough to deliver one hell of a smack.

When I first received the Heart Double Slapper and took my first good look at it, I thought the top of the slapper was broken because the leather is layered and at top of the slapper–where the studs lining the handle and base stop–all the way to the very top, the leather is separated. Of course this makes perfect sense as it is called the “double slapper”, but what this name and the design of the slapper leads one to believe is that when you deliver a smack, the slapper is supposed to come down in two, very rapid strokes. This doesn’t exactly happen in-practice. When used against my palm very, very slowly, I see how the leather slaps against itself in what is supposed to be the two rapid strokes against the skin, but anything faster than that merely feels like one stroke with nothing else going on. This, however, does not take very much away from the Heart Double Slapper.

The one and only whip I have in my possession is made of rubber. It delivers extremely light sensations, it doesn’t leave bruises and it doesn’t make you look back on the previous night when you wake up in the morning with a sore ass. The Heart Double Slapper, however, delivers very firm smacks that, from the very moment it grazes your skin, it sends immediate goosebumps throughout your entire body. It wakes you up, which is precisely what any kind of kink in the bedroom is supposed to do. It’s an amazing thing.

I have found that I really have to be in the mood for the Heart Double Slapper because the amount of force behind it when it smacks against your skin is sometimes just a little too much. It is very wise that when you first start using the Heart Double Slapper to start very lightly and to adjust from there to make sure everyone involved is having the best time possible!

The Heart Double Slapper is available from MyPleasure as part of the two-piece Heart Paddle and Mask Collection. Even better, this collection is 70% off, so be sure to snag yours quick!


Thanks to MyPleasure for the opportunity to review the Heart Double Slapper. Check them out to see all the other couples toys they stock!

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