The Highest Paid CEOs in Charity #infographic

When you think of charity, the words giving, compassion, and selflessness are just a few that may come to mind. But what about millionaire? Well, probably not.

It is a fact that there are a number of CEOs of charitable and humanitarian organizations that earned over $1 million in 2012, including Peter C. Marzio of the Museum of Fine Arts in Houston, Ralph W. Muller of the University of Pennsylvania Health System/Penn Medicine, and Jonathan W. Simons of the Prostate Cancer Foundation.

If you’ve ever wondered just how much someone could earn as head of a successful charity, check out the infographic below that outlines the top charities in several categories, how influential they are, and yes, how much their CEOs earned in the last year.

The Highest Paid CEOs in Charity
Source: The Hightest Paid CEOs in Charity |

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