Hip Maternity Fashion for Every Taste

maternity clothes When it comes to maternity fashion, most women will tell you that for the entire nine months, they wore very little besides over-sized pajama pants and t-shirts. The reason for that is because there are very few resources out there for fashion-forward, hip maternity fashion.

Women feel their best when they’re wearing clothes that they feel comfortable in and know that if they were famous and walked out of the house, they would feel good about seeing fans and signing autographs in whatever they were wearing. These feelings do not simply diminish as soon as a woman becomes pregnant; in fact, as time goes by and their outside gets bigger and bigger, women would absolutely love to have a few blouses or dresses that make them feel their best. While there are few maternity lines currently on the market, not many even come close to offering the amount of styles or even the amount of different products that Belly Dance Maternity offers.

maternity clothes Belly Dance Maternity stocks clothing and accessories for stylish moms-to-be. They opened their first store in 2002 in Chicago’s fashion forward Bucktown neighborhood and another in 2003 in Highland Park, Illinois. Belly Dance Maternity has received a great deal of press due to their unique and undeniably in-demand fashion. They stock everything a hip mama will need in terms of fashion from several different designers and outlets including Bravado Nursing, Maternal America and Ripe Maternity. They understand that all women deserve to feel sexy and fashionable in the clothing they wear, especially pregnant women. Their fashions have been seen on several different celebrity mamas and not only do they cater to mothers, but they also carry fashion and accessories for baby.

Carrying fashion and accessory lines for both mother and child in two stores as well as an online boutique working with several different retailers and fashion designers, Belly Dance Maternity is the go-to resource for everything you crave in maternity fashion.

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  1. My wife has loved her new fashion while being pregnant. As she is only a few weeks away she has really gotten into spy sunglasses. She feels that fit her face better now that she has added a lot of water weight. She has bought three new pairs of sunglasses to fit into all her new cloths she now has. She loves the new maternity sections and feels like a pregnant girl can really look good.

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