How to Make your Home Look Expensive

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  1. CBG Spender says:

    Since I am not rich nor foresee richness in my future I think I will pass this posy along to my wife for suggestions.
    Thanks for the advice from one non rich person to another.

  2. Flowers says:

    A dirty house looks just that — dirty. The quickest way to cheapen the look of your house is with dust, grime and/or stains.

  3. Kaye says:

    Wow! Nice idea. Thank you for sharing.

  4. In my opinion. I feel that it works both ways in terms of a dirty house can look expensive while a clean house can also look cheap.. and vice versa. I would definitely suggest antique type items (doesnt have to be expensive.. you can find some in garage sales). drapes are a good one, but dont over do it tho.. it’ll look too filling. The furnitures you use can tell a great deal as well..

  5. Excellent, this is the sort of help I need as I just don’t understand the furnishings world yet want my place to look nice!

  6. i liked your idea of Thumb for Hanging Drapes,
    its cool

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