How to Make your Home Look Expensive

If I were rich I’d have fresh flowers in my home at all times and my sheets changed every day. That’s about it. Those things make me feel rich. I splurge on flowers as often as possible have a new MyD secret weapon in that regard that I’ll tell you about soon.

This post is about things you need in your home that will make it look rich, even if we are not…

Stylish Drapes

That doesn’t mean expensive drapes. Stylish drapes have:

  • The right pattern and texture needed to match your Stylefinder style
  • The right length
  • Preferably lined or combined with a shade like our MyDesignGuide hallmark bamboo shade

Depending on your style profile, these are some examples:

traditional drapessophisticated country drapes

romantic drapesmodern drapes

How do I know that drapes are the rich finish to any room?

Ballard design drapes

I bought this gorgeous pair from Ballard Design and hung them in our home office. My husband was amazed. According to him, “They make the room look so large and warm and finished.” More importantly, he insisted that we buy new drapes for the bedroom…and now our den!!! Can you believe it? Granted he’s kind of metrosexual — but I’m telling you he is now the Drape King. So what do you need to know to impress your Drape King/Queen?

MyD Rule of Thumb for Hanging Drapes:

Drapes typically come off the shelf in three standard sizes, 54″, 84″ and 96″ — yes, that’s 4.5′, 7′ and 8′ corresponding to 1 foot below most standard ceiling and window heights. Keep that in mind when shopping. The rod should be installed above the window frame unless there is an impediment like this problem I have in my bedroom.

window treatments

Then, unfortunately, on the window frame it is. The drapes should reach to approximately one inch above the floor.

What about having my drapes puddle on the floor?

puddle drapes

That’s fine, but it’s not really the hot trend it used to be and for those of us with kids and pets, those puddles are just dust bunny magnets. If you have a cleaning person or a butler…you go girl!

Want to feel rich every day?
A MyDesignGuide Window Treatment service provides you with 3 unique drapery selections that will meet your Style and your Lifestyle.

Need a DIY Solution
Check out A Soft Place to Land‘s drop cloth drapes. They are drop dead gorgeous!

drop cloth curtains

And Remember, the MyD Dont’s
High water drapes are horrifying!

high water drapeshigh water drapes

And you really need to say sayonara to your swags…unless you are decorating an old folks home, banquet room or a super formal home, consider retiring these to the basement. Don’t get me wrong, I did it too, but now we must overcome.

7 thoughts on “How to Make your Home Look Expensive”

  1. Since I am not rich nor foresee richness in my future I think I will pass this posy along to my wife for suggestions.
    Thanks for the advice from one non rich person to another.

  2. In my opinion. I feel that it works both ways in terms of a dirty house can look expensive while a clean house can also look cheap.. and vice versa. I would definitely suggest antique type items (doesnt have to be expensive.. you can find some in garage sales). drapes are a good one, but dont over do it tho.. it’ll look too filling. The furnitures you use can tell a great deal as well..

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