Make Homemade Baby Food Easily at Home — Baby Bullet Giveaway Event [Closed]

Research suggests that it will cost a middle-income family at least $240,000 to raise a single child from infancy to the age of 18. What that research does not account for, however, is that people — wise, innovative, and strapped for cash — are always coming up with more and more ways to not only curb those costs, but also ultimately provide healthier lives for their children.

If you take one stroll down the baby aisle of any grocery store, you can easily see where a big chunk of those annual costs come from. Jarred baby food is expensive; in fact, it is often 10 times more expensive than what the raw ingredients to make that same food at home would cost. Moreover, we are all at least familiar with the fact that many chemicals, fillers, sugars, and preservatives are present in the foods we buy at the grocery store and eat everyday. What a lot of us don’t think about is the fact that those same things are also present in jarred baby food — even if it is labeled organic.

Making sure the food your baby eats is healthy, nutritious, and will aid in their rapid development is crucial. The best way to do that, and to know exactly what your baby is really eating, is to make your own baby food at home.

Baby Bullet

Making your own homemade baby food can get complicated and messy, especially if you try making small batches all at once. The Baby Bullet is a small countertop appliance that revolutionizes the way you will feed your baby for their first three years of life.

With the Baby Bullet you can make AND store an entire week’s worth of healthy baby food in under five minutes, for less than $3! How amazing is that?

The new Baby Blend Blade is specifically designed to blend fruits, vegetables, and combination meals from baby’s first Stage 1 purees all the way up to Stage 3 toddler meals blended to perfection all with one amazing blade. The powerful Milling Blade grinds oats, rice, and other whole grains into the freshest cereals for just pennies a serving. In the two 12-ounce Short Cups you can mix AND store fresh portions of baby’s favorite flavors in an instant, and with the Batch Bowl you can make an entire week’s worth of fresh baby food in just seconds.

Check out a full review of the Baby Bullet over at The Stuff of Success.

Baby Bullet Giveaway

Baby Bullet Giveaway Event If you are a parent who enjoys making their own healthy baby food at home but dreams of a simpler, more effective process to get it from raw ingredient to puree or toddler meal, you will not want to miss this awesome giveaway.

One lucky reader will win a complete Baby Bullet Food System, valued at $59.99. This giveaway event is organized by The Stuff of Success.

This giveaway will end on November 15th at 11:59pm ET and is open to US, ages 18+. To enter use the Giveaway Tools form below. Winning entries are subject to verification.

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