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How to Enjoy Spring Break When You’re Stuck at Home

As much as you might enjoy jetting off to some exotic destination for spring break, or even just driving down Florida to celebrate, there is always a chance that your plans may not work out. Things come up, people bail, and not everyone has the cash needed to celebrate spring break the way characters do in movies and on television. If you find yourself spending spring break at home with your parents, you can still find ways to enjoy yourself and have a little fun.

Rally Your Old Buddies

Did you make a pact with your high school buddies that you would stay in touch, either through social media or email? If you’re like most college students, you probably found yourself focusing more on your new college friends and less on your old ones. Send out a quick email or group text a few weeks before heading home and arrange a get-together. You can meet for dinner, drinks, go to a movie, or even have a small party at home.

Hit Your Favorite Spots

Depending on where you go to school and how far away it is from home, you may find yourself missing some of your favorite restaurants and other hot spots. Spending spring break at home lets you catch up on all of your favorite places. You can stop by the diner for some home cooked food, hit up your favorite cupcake joint for a few sweet treats, and even grab regional dishes that you won’t find back on campus.

Take a Local Tour

Going home for spring break is your chance to be a tourist in your own hometown. Many people ignore the great museums, parks, and historic sites in their cities. Spending spring break at home is your chance to tour all the places you never saw, and the places you haven’t visited since you were a kid on a field trip. When you come back from school, you’ll see all of those places in a new light. Have fun playing with your dog in the park, touring historical museums, and checking out the artwork produced by local artists.

Find New Treasures

Finding new treasures in an old place might appeal to those who wrote about spring break ideas in the past, like celebrated writer Eloise Lynton did. As long as you have an internet connection, you can read reviews about new attractions that have opened since you moved away. You might find that new antique, thrift, and vintage clothing stores opened downtown, that the movie theater introduced a classic movie night, or that a new playhouse opened. Every time you come back for a visit, you might find something new, unique, and different waiting for you.

Make a To Do List

If you really want to make the most of a spring break spent at home, make a to do list before you leave campus. Your to do list should include things you need to accomplish, as well as some fun things you want to do. Write down all of the assignments you will need to finish for school, add a few books you want to read, and include things you want to do every day, like keeping up with your fitness routine. The more things you have on your list, the less likely it is that you’ll get bored at home.

When you fill your schedule with things to do, you’ll love spending spring break with your family.

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