Easing Fido Into Seniority: How to Care for an Aging Dog

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  1. Nikki says:

    Great advice! I have two dogs that just turned 11, and I think the fact that we’ve always gotten them checkups and give them good food really helps them have a longer life. My Shepherd is getting a little achy, but she still plays like a puppy!

  2. melissa says:

    Thank you for the advice. My sister has newborn dog and I am going to send this to her. Thank you!!!!

  3. marybeth says:

    Very good advice. Always give your animal all the love and attention you can.
    My babies are gone. They were 13. 🙂

  4. My Border Collie has arthritis, and she turned 11 in December. I give her a baby tylenol once a day. The vet recommended it, and it’s helped ease her pain immensely. That, and daily massages all over her body, focusing on the joints. She loves when I give them to her, and I love to help her.

  5. Alexis Grace says:

    It is so hard watching a pup age… but this is great advice! I especially think it is important to give these pets attention— they deserve to have the respect and love of their age!

  6. roviedear says:

    great advice! perfect for our dogs in the house 🙂
    Rovie The Bargain Doll!

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