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How to Layer Jewelry

Your personal style is evident in the clothing you wear, as well as in the accessories you choose. Even how you wear accessories can help illustrate your keen fashion sense, which is why layering jewelry is a great method for getting the most out of your beloved pieces.

Stacking Rings

Starting with rings, choose a focal piece that will draw attention to your carefully chosen accessories. A cocktail ring can work great in this respect, as these over-sized rings are designed to stand out among more understated jewelry. Next, look for geometric rings to play against your focal piece. You can stack delicate rings to further enhance the layering affect, just be sure to arrange them in a way that is most visually appealing.

Layering Necklaces

Similar principles apply when layering necklaces. Contrast is key, and this can be achieved by selecting necklaces of many different lengths. This will allow each of your necklaces to stand out, which is important when creating a complementary look. You can also experiment with things like textures and materials. Pair smooth, simplistic pieces with more detailed ones to create a complex aesthetic.

Fashion is all about putting your own personal spin on new clothing and accessory trends. Layering your jewelry is just another aspect of looking fashionable, and can serve to express your personal style while also highlighting the look of your favorite pieces. Check out the infographic below for more ideas on how to layer jewelry.

How To Layer Jewelry by Chan Luu
Infographic via Chan Luu

Top photo: lovemaegan/Flickr

9 thoughts on “How to Layer Jewelry”

  1. I’m terrible I don’t accessorise at all. Just my wedding/engagement ring and a watch, and earrings. If I’m going out in the evening I might wear a necklace or bracelet but I find they annoy me.

  2. Oh this is an interesting post! I love stackable rings, I used to wear tonnes but now I nearly always forget I’m so rushed in the mornings with little ones to get out the door on time!

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