How to Reduce the Stress of Vacation Planning

Everyone loves going on vacation, but finding the perfect destination can take some time and require ample research. But the search can be greatly simplified by joining an organization like the Bluegreen Vacation Club. Members of vacation clubs are provided with all the information they need about vacation destinations around the world. Members also qualify for valuable discounts to make a family vacation more affordable and enjoyable.

Members of vacation clubs are offered much more flexibility than if they were partial owners of a timeshare property. The Bluegreen Resorts destinations are available at more than 60 resorts in popular locations around the United States and the Caribbean Islands. Club members are not limited to vacationing in the same location year after year, so they and their families can choose to vacation when and where they wish. Third party exchange programs can expand the network to include thousands more participating resorts.

Some vacation clubs like Bluegreen are based on a point system wherein a person is allotted a certain number of points when they purchase a membership. The number of points vary in accordance to the type of membership they purchase, and points can be borrowed from following years or purchased at any time. A single person or a couple are not likely to purchase the same level of membership as a couple with children.

There is a lot of variation possible within a vacation club membership since one vacation destination may be considerably less expensive than others. Members are able to accumulate points to be used on a more expensive vacation by skipping a year or limiting the number of points used in preceding years.

Perhaps the greatest advantage of a vacation club membership is the ability to enjoy a great variety of destinations at a considerably reduced cost. Sometimes people dream of traveling to a certain destination, but unexpected costs and events in their life prevent them from saving enough money to ever vacation there. Membership in a vacation club ensures the necessary funds will be available because the payments have been spread out over the year. This makes planning a trip simple, and the vacation can be rescheduled if unforeseen circumstances prevent travel during the intended time slot.

Various studies have shown that people who vacation are happier than those who rarely travel. Enjoying down time is a great stress reliever, so marriages are happier and individuals are more productive when they return home relaxed and refreshed. It is very enriching and educational for children to experience the world from multiple vantage points and within different cultures. Travel can be very costly these days, so vacation club members appreciate the reduced expense owning a vacation membership offers.

Some people have found owning a timeshare works for them until they want to sell it. The process can take a long time, all the while they are still obligated financially. A vacation club membership can be sold or passed on to a family member, and the sale is likely to be faster since it has so much more to offer than a traditional timeshare, all while taking a big chunk of stress out of vacation planning every year.

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