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Improving Your Mood with Color

Black and gray are known for being drab, depressing colors, but the tendency toward neutral tones can also make you feel lifeless and dull. In general, bright, vibrant colors pick up your mood; pastels and muted tones help you unwind and lessen feelings of anxiety.

Here are some simple tips for getting rid of those excess fawns, tans, and navy blues and perk yourself up with color while remaining tasteful and elegant.

The Right Color for the Right Room

Not all colors work in every room. Studies show that yellow makes babies feel anxiety and start to cry, and red can contribute to sleep problems. Blue suppresses your appetite, but the right shade can help you unwind. Yellow is a great choice for kitchens and dining areas., and paler blues, greens, aqua, and lavender are great for the bedroom. Home offices will benefit from medium, blue tones, green, and brown.

Don’t Be Afraid to Be Bold

Most people shy away from bold colors like orange, red, or yellow. However, when you choose the right shade, they can do wonders for brightening up your home. While most decorators advise you to choose these colors as accents, a muted rose can liven up your sitting room or family room, and the right shade of peach can add a glow to your cheeks in an intimate setting.

Borrow From Nature

Being outdoors can liven your mood and help you cope with depression, so why not bring a little of the outdoors indoors with shades of violet, daffodil, or geranium. Adding color doesn’t mean you have to overdo it, you can incorporate lilac into your dining room chair covers or upholstery, or a creamy apricot color for your bathroom walls.

Choosing the Right Mix

If you’re going to go with a bold, cheerful color on your walls, use something in a muted or pastel shade for accessories; or vice versa if your upholstery and curtains are in a vibrant green or blue.

Color isn’t limited to your curtains or the paint on your walls. Candles, colored light bulbs, and the right accessories can also add splashes of beneficial, mood-boosting hues to your home. Balsam Hill Reviews and other decorating websites offer their customers a nice range of decorative trends and traditional favorites for any season or occasion. Once you choose your motif and colors, it’s easy to find just the right accessories to put the finishing touches on your home decor and instantly begin improving your mood.

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