Make Informed Decisions While Shopping Online

With the world’s population now doing the bulk of their shopping online and the people of the US, specifically, going through the first hurdle of a recession, we are now beginning to see the impact money makes on our lives and more importantly, the real value of a dollar. As a freelancer, I, along with other freelancers have spoken about how we feel the decline in income first and we have collectively been seeing the first few waves of an impending recession for months now. As someone who also shops online quite frequently, I have become a bit pickier about how and where I spend the money I do manage to earn.

Many stores will do the first leg of a sale online only, before it hits stores and they have also released online only coupon codes. Internet sales are important to companies and the convenience of online shopping is important to us. That is why I was thrilled to have come across a website that I have come to refer to as the bible of cheap online shopping.

Free is a website that tells you what stores are currently having promotions and where you can get the convenience of free shipping. You may come across a sale item on a store’s website but once you get through the checkout and look at the shipping costs you soon realize that while you did get a product a lot cheaper online than you would have at the store, you end up paying what you supposedly saved and then some just in shipping costs. Free lists the stores you want to shop at, the free shipping promotion they are running at the time and the promotional codes letting you save as much money as possible.

Free Shipping

Their site is set up into several different categories containing over 800 stores so each and every single person who likes the convenience of online shopping should not miss out on any free shipping promotion. Free also gives you the added security of free shipping alerts, letting you know every time a store has a free shipping promotion.

Don’t spend more money than you have to when shopping online and visit Free for free shipping promotions at your favorite stores.

6 thoughts on “Make Informed Decisions While Shopping Online”

  1. Great post. I also check Retailmenot and Slickdeals for coupons and deals.

    I hated online shopping until I had kids. Now I shop mostly online 🙂

  2. Sometimes I wish I made better decisions when shopping online. I bought a camera that I absolutely hate a couple weeks back and now I can’t return it. That’s a couple hundred bucks down the toilet.

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