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Inspire Girls Around the World to Continue Their Education with CARE #SimplySaid

Growing up, any time I wanted to know the answer to something, my grandmother told me to look it up. Who invented something; the roots of a tradition; the motivation behind a movement. Whatever it was, she would send me upstairs to the bookcase that stood in her hallway to find the encyclopedia (yes, the encyclopedia!) that contained the information that I sought. She didn’t send me to look up an answer because she didn’t want to help me, but rather, because she did.

As she would tend to a project or chore, I read aloud from the thick books and we would discuss whatever the topic happened to be. If it was more sensitive subject matter, which came up more frequently as I developed an interest in politics and social justice, she would encourage me to share my opinion and how I came to it. Sometimes she shared a different point of view and challenged me. More often than not, one teachable moment would lend itself to another. Before we knew it, we had spent the day (or wee hours of the night, being classic night owls) in deep discussion.

My grandmother always made learning exciting, and she still does. Because of this, it should not come as a surprise that I actually enjoyed school. Well, for the most part anyway. There were some years during high school when I was not so enthusiastic about school, but hey, that’s being a teenager for you. Even so, I know how fortunate I was to have had the opportunity to attend school. To learn about the history of the world; develop and hone skills that would serve me into adulthood; do well so that I could do well in the future.

But not all girls have the opportunity to attend school and receive the education they deserve. For more than 100 million girls around the world, hunger, early marriage, extreme poverty, and threats to safety are all barriers that keep them from attending school.

CARE Simply Said Bridget

CARE is a leading humanitarian organization fighting global poverty with a commitment to empowering women and girls. They have worked tirelessly to eliminate barriers to education for girls in developing countries. They know that when you invest in education, children will pay it forward. Equipped with knowledge and confidence, educated children grow up to lead healthier, more productive lives.

Bridget, pictured above, is inspired to work hard so that she may become a doctor. There is no health clinic in her community and patients in need of care must walk over six miles to get medical attention. She hopes that access to education could help her make a difference.

CARE Simply Said: Inspiring Girls’ Education


The CARE Simply Said campaign inspires girls around the world to continue their education and follow their dreams, regardless of adversity. Moni is an 11-year-old fourth grader whose education inspires her to someday be able to take care of her family. She wants to be successful in life, and in order to do so, she says she will study accordingly. Having watched her parents suffer since her early years of school, she is inspired to get an education and then a job so that she can one day take care of them.

Click here to join the CARE Simply Said mission and write a letter of encouragement supporting students in developing countries who are working to achieve their dreams.

18 thoughts on “Inspire Girls Around the World to Continue Their Education with CARE #SimplySaid”

  1. I’m really glad that there are companies that try to help girls to get an education! I think it’s really important to empower women and girls!

  2. We are lucky to be living in this part of the world, most women aren’t. I appreciate CARE for doing this and for encouraging young women to finish their education for a better life. I think it’s awesome to be part of this whole campaign.

  3. CARE Simply Said Campaign is will help so many young girls achieve their goals and get their education. The CARE Organization is such an inspiration for so many and it is campaigns like this one is indeed what we need more of around the world. Thanks for sharing the information.

  4. I am all for education. I couldn’t stress enough on the importance of having good, quality education. It’s sad how a lot of women are deserving but are deprived because of unwanted circumstances. Glad to know that there are organizations & programs / campaigns like CARE Simply Said that focus on helping provide education for those who need it. They’re definitely making a huge difference in the lives of these people.

  5. Words of hope and encouragement mean a lot at any age, but young girls really seem to be suseptible to their positive power! Also, I laughed about having to look things up. My grandma made me do that too. 🙂

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