International Women’s Day Video: Acknowledging and Celebrating Women from 1911 to 2011

International Women's Day To celebrate the 100th anniversary of International Women’s Day, Leni Herscher of 100 Women of Destiny has created an epic montage and tribute to 100 different women from different backgrounds, lifestyles and societies throughout history who have all made significant contributions to the world.

Not all of the women who are being paid tribute in this video received the recognition and accolades that they so richly deserved at the time they were alive to benefit from them. It is because of this, and so much more, that we must make it a point to honor these women now and to never forget what we have been given by these awe-inspiring women who have done so much to shape the world and cultures we are free to experience today and who had worked so hard and so diligently towards having the rights that many of us take advantage of in our own lifetimes granted.

To see every single one of the 100 women who have been carefully selected to appear in the tribute video above, go to 100 Women of Destiny’s website to meet 100 women who changed the world.

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  1. This is a very moving montage of women some of whom are recognised enough for their achievements, but many who are not recognised enough. Thanks for educating people more.

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