Jersey Shore’s Pauly D and Teen Mom’s Farrah Abraham–a Match Made on MTV?

Pauly D, Farrah Abraham
left--Jersey Shore star Pauly D, right--Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham with baby Sophia

MTV has really gone and done it this time. The network currently has two shows on air that have been a tremendous hit with their audience; Jersey Shore and Teen Mom (the sequel, if you will, to 16 and Pregnant that aired last summer.) But have they inadvertently spawned an MTV romance?

Well, according to Fox411 who reported to receiving exclusive information about the show stars, it looks as if Jersey Shore star Pauly D and Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham may very well be a couple.

Pauly (whose real name is Paul Delvecchio) was seen deejaying at a club in Houston, Texas recently and the entertainment blog has reported that spies informed them that Farrah was by his side the entire night. Now, since Farrah lives in Iowa, she must have made a very special trip to Houston to see her new boyfriend at his gig. It’s pretty obvious that Pauly hadn’t made much time to tune into the MTV lineup, otherwise he would have known that she probably showed up in Houston to catch him cheating or to talk to him about the seriousness of their relationship, which probably was going on for two days at the time, because those who have seen the show know very well that it is very much like Farrah to show up on a guy’s doorstep demanding to have a sit-down conversation after he makes plans that don’t involve her for a night.

It seems as if Farrah has quite the new life-in-tabloids trek ahead of her, since she was recently making headlines when her mother, Debra Danielson, was arrested for allegedly choking and hitting Farrah.

7 thoughts on “Jersey Shore’s Pauly D and Teen Mom’s Farrah Abraham–a Match Made on MTV?”

  1. I love 16 and Pregnant, Jersey Shore, and Teen Mom. I can’t believe that these two are a couple but it it almost seems fitting. Also, I really wonder what caused Farrah’s mom to choke her. That woman is a little bit crazy.

  2. First. I want to say I loooove Jersey Shore n Teen Mom.. Great shows.. Pauly D was the sexiest on The Show.. Lol I l y.. They r a cute couple to be honest but he would be happy with me 2 lol.. I won’t stalk him like the crzy bitch Danielle.. I wouldn’t be suprised if she shows up in Miami!! Crazy ass Bitch.. I l y MTV!!!

  3. wow tats really crazy tat pauly d. & farrah are a couple!!! but they really do look cute toqether its a shocked tat farrah’s baby daddy did died &plus she’s a sinqle mom tat showed alot of care too sophia so she can due what she want with her life so she aint dumb shes doinq the best for her and her baby qirl sophia by the way she wanted sophia too see her daddy but he had an accident

  4. Actually, the dad of the baby died. In an accident, to be sepcific. But I don’t remember if it was a car accident.

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