Jimmyjane Form 4

Jimmyjane Form 4 Review

Disclaimer: This post is intended solely for adult viewers. If you are under 18 years old (21 years old in some states), or are easily offended, please check out any of our other great posts intended for all ages.

I received the Jimmyjane Form 4 for review. No other incentive was provided and opinions are my own.

Jimmyjane Form 4

Jimmyjane’s Form series has piqued the interest of pretty much everyone who has watched how the release of the first two toys in the line played out: initial excitement and then widespread confusion. This is mostly due to the fact that when you look at a Jimmyjane Form vibrator, you immediately start to wonder what you’re supposed to do with it. That was my exact initial reaction to the Form 3, which you can read our review of here.

The Jimmyjane Form 4 visually fits into the Form line, but it is nothing like its two predecessors. While all Form vibrators come in two colors — slate and pink — and they all sport identical control pads on the front of their bodies, the Form 4 is much more straightforward than either of the toys that came before it. It is simple without being predictable, and it does what it’s supposed to do. Who knew? Within 15 minutes of taking it out of its box for the first time, I was able to turn it on and reach orgasm without examining, reading instruction manuals, and awkwardly fiddling around for a good fit.

A insertable vibrator measuring in at 5 inches in length, 4 inches insertable, the Form 4 is firm enough that you can feel yourself wrapped snuggly around it, but soft enough that it doesn’t feel like a dense mass chilling out in your vagina; not that a weighty toy isn’t fun sometimes, but that’s not what this is.

While technically an insertable toy, I have found the Form 4 to be most successful as mostly a clitoral stimulator with the sporadic trip into my vagina while building myself up. That is the extent of the penetration I have enjoyed from this. Jimmyjane claims that while firm, this vibrator is soft enough that it’s flexible and can press up against the g-spot. This is not true. I did not experience any flexibility with the insertable portion of the vibrator, and it does not even come close to reaching my g-spot, although I’m pretty certain that I have an absurdly high g-spot and have always required toys with a drastic curve for any significant g-spotting to occur.

The Form 4 has four vibration modes, including a steady, constant vibration and three modes of varying and escalating pulsations. To cycle through the modes, you press the small circular button nearest to the bottom of the front of the toy. The plus and minus controls above cycle through five speeds of vibration intensity. Each of the control buttons are push-buttons that you can feel click to know that you have in fact pressed them. To turn the toy on, press the + button and hold it until you feel the toy start up with a constant vibration at its lowest intensity. To turn it off, press the – button until it turns off.

Every Form vibrator so far has had its little motor intricacies. The Jimmyjane Form 4 is no different. In this case, when I apply any substantial amount of pressure to the toy, like when I apply pressure to my clit through the toy for instance, the motor gets louder, as if it’s working overtime and about ready to die. Luckily, so far it hasn’t died; it just sounds like it might.

The Form 4 comes with the same white rechargeable base we received with the Form 3. Just plug the base into the wall and place the Form 4 onto the base. When the toy registers, it will light up to let you know that it’s charging. When completely drained, the Form 4 will charge for about two hours for seven hours of use per charge.

I tweeted about working on my review of the Jimmyjane Form 4 when a friend of mine responded asking me about the seam.

Yes, there is a seam.

I’m glad that we had a chance to talk about it on Twitter, because honestly, I didn’t even really notice the seam at first. I know, perceptive I am not.

I am not susceptible to feeling subtle texture, or in this case, seams, while I am using them. My vagina just doesn’t recognize a texture or weird abnormality, if they are minor. While I didn’t necessarily mind the fact that a giant seam runs along the entire side of the Form 4, Epiphora did bring up a very good point.

The Form 4 is on sale now for $145. With a $145 price tag, there shouldn’t be a noticeable seam along the toy. It should have been constructed better, because “better” is what Jimmyjane seems to want to be committed to.

The Jimmyjane Form 4 is by far the least complicated and mind-boggling vibrator to come to the Form line. That is its shining accomplishment. It sets out to do a particular job and it does it.

I do, however, think Jimmyjane is reaching a little with what this toy could effectively be used for. Because they claim the Form 4 can penetrate the g-spot, though it didn’t come close to mine, that if it was actually able to accomplish this, there would be some slippery finger incidents while trying to keep hold of the ultra-smooth, curved toy. So, solo masturbation, clitoral stimulation, and some subtle penetration? Yes. It can do that.

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  1. 5 inches in length is an impressive size, but I don’t understand why most vibrators are pink, purple and blue. As for me, I would buy the vibrator of natural color.

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