Jimmyjane Iconic Ring

Jimmyjane Iconic Ring Review

Disclaimer: This post is intended solely for adult viewers. If you are under 18 years old (21 years old in some states), or are easily offended, please check out any of our other great posts intended for all ages.

I received the Jimmyjane Iconic Ring for review. No other incentive was provided and opinions are my own.

Jimmyjane Iconic Ring

I have always been very curious about cock rings. Unfortunately, I have not always had the best of luck when attempting to incorporate them into my sex life. I have purchased a few cock rings in the past and attempted to review the Orbit Ring Vibe a few years ago, but due to the general lack of stretch and inability to comfortably accommodate my partner, each cock ring that has come into our bedroom has been broken or was rendered useless before actually getting to give it a try.

After learning of my tragic inexperience with cock rings, MyPleasure sent over the Jimmyjane Iconic Ring hoping for a happy ending.

The Iconic Ring is part of Jimmyjane’s Usual Suspects line, standing alongside their take on the standard vibe, Pocket Rocket, Rabbit Habit, and others that have become industry standards and were revamped to meet quality standards and exceed expectations. I figured that if this cock ring didn’t work for us, then no cock ring was likely to be a match.

So let’s just cut to the chase, shall we? The Jimmyjane Iconic Ring is the first cock ring that has ever worked for us.

The ring is made of thick elastomer, a body-safe material that is strong enough to be stretched and remain durable, while also being comfortable enough to wear. It can accommodate up to 3 inches in width and measures at 1 1/4 inches front-to-back.

There are two fabulous things about the Jimmyjane Iconic Ring:

  1. It excels in aiding the wearer in maintaining a powerful erection, whether worn stretched around the penis or around both the penis and testicles.
  2. It doubles as a couples vibrator.

Attached to the top of the Iconic Ring is a small vibrator measuring at 1-inch in diameter that is detailed with soft nubs for extra clitoral stimulation. The vibrator delivers two vibration modes: touch-sensitive, that provides vibrations only when the pubic area comes into direct contact with the top of the vibrator, or constant mode that vibrates continuously. We ended up preferring the constant vibration mode, my fiance being a fan of using vibrators on his own, so to keep the vibrations pulsing through continuously, just press the small white button on the side. When you’re finished, press the button again to turn it off.

The vibrator is powered by 2 button cell batteries. The ring comes packaged with batteries to use right out of the box, plus an extra set.

This ring is splash-proof so it can be used in the shower, but I do not recommend submerging it in water, even if the elastomer plug that is meant to keep the vibrator inside safe is sealed.

Because our experience couldn’t end on a happy note, because of course it couldn’t, my partner accidentally submerged the Iconic Ring while washing it. The entire compartment became immersed and because of this, the vibrator no longer works. I am kind of devastated.

If you follow the water-specific regulations that come along with this ring, yours will surely last a lot longer than mine did. Overall, I was really impressed and pleased with what the Jimmyjane Iconic Ring has brought to us. It was worth wading through the ill-matched and defected to get here. It is a quality cock ring and has stayed in tact through numerous uses, even without the now-defunct vibrator.

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