Join Bloggers Unite for International Day of Compassion in Honor of Dr. Patch Adams

Bloggers Unite International Day of Compassion Compassion is an integral part of our humanity and sadly, we are seeing less and less of this trait being exercised in many of our everyday lives. On a much larger platform, the political climate we have found ourselves in today, and what we have seen in this aspect of our world throughout the past decade or more, is sorely lacking the degree of compassion for others as many had hoped to see when they cast their ballots for change.

After seeing a post on Dr. Patch Adams’ website, Bloggers Unite were inspired to create a day in his honor centered around this very trait that Dr. Adams so abundantly lives his life by. In the post, Dr. Adams put together a variety of different ways to show compassion in your everyday life. The list was designed to be part of a medical school program, but on May 15th, Bloggers Unite is asking bloggers all over the world to join them in celebrating Dr. Patch Adams and the act of compassion by picking one or two ideas out of this list and incorporating them into your blogging.

How would these ideas change you as a person, and how would that change impact your loved ones and their loved ones?

Take a moment, think about it and share your story with the world on May 15th for International Day of Compassion in Honor of Dr. Patch Adams.

“Compassion is not religious business, it is human business. It is not luxury, it is essential for our own peace and mental stability. It is essential for human survival.”
–Dalai Lama

  • Keep a journal about your relationship with love and compassion. What is it? Ask everyday, how are you giving it? (Pay close attention. Be present.) How are you receive it? (From everything, from strangers, from trees, etc.)
  • Do things outrageous for love, like clowning.
  • Actually see if you can produce the vibration of compassion for prolonged periods. What sustains it? (Friends, having meaning, fun.) What hurts it? (Arrogance, apathy, tight underwear.) Are there times you do not want to be compassionate?
  • Be observant of compassion in action around you, everywhere, and give details of its language.
  • Become aware of compassionate projects around the world and plan on at least one elective at a project.
  • Explore the language of love and compassion. Read psychologists and poets, write essays on things you love.
  • How do you recognize love and compassion? Are there measurements?
  • How do you change performances of compassion in different situations?
  • Explore how you relate to other people on issues of class consciousness, race, age, sexual preference. Pay close attention. Decide to connect with people you don’t normally hang out with.
  • Explore this question: Should a medical student be evaluated for compassion and not graduate if they are not compassionate? How is it evaluated? By who?

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