Julep Metamorphic Top Coats

Join Julep Maven in January and Get 1 Metamorphic Top Coat FREE

Julep Metamorphic Top Coats

Julep is giving the nail- and beauty-obsessed just a little more incentive to become a Maven in the new year.

When you claim your personalized January Maven Box, you will receive one of three all-new Metamorphic Top Coats FREE.

We’re really excited about this metamorphic nail effect, especially as winter weather sets in here in Pennsylvania. We are actually gearing up for a snowstorm that is on track to hit us tonight. With so much darkness, cold, and hibernation occurring all around us, having a little sparkle┬ácan brighten up a whole day. It’s the little things that really contribute to our overall mood, and they make all the difference during this particularly dreary season.

If you haven’t heard about the Julep Maven program yet (you must be new here), it is a monthly subscription box service that began with nail polish and has since grown to include original beauty products. We have subscribed to the service on and off over the last few years and have never had an experience that was less than stellar. Every box was packed with a value of at least $40 (for $25.99 per box), and the Julep products are always excellent quality.

Claim your January Maven Box to get a free Metamorphic Top Coat.

Become a Julep Maven

3 Julep nail polishes or beauty products, or a combination of both
$25.99 per box
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