July Julep Maven Sneak Peek — Beach Tonic Dry Body Oil

July Julep Maven Sneak Peek

Come tomorrow, members of the Julep Maven monthly subscription program will be able to view the full selection of new nail colors and beauty products due to arrive at their doorsteps the first week of July. Today, however, we have a sneak peek of one particular product that will be included in most every Maven box next month — well, unless you’re an It Girl, because those familiar with the Maven program know that the It Girl style profile is an all nail polish all the time kind of box.

Anyway, if you’ve been wondering what beauty product Julep will come out with next after the momentum they built with the inclusion of their very own Julep DD Creme Mavens received in June, wonder no more!

July Mavens will receive a full-size 3.5oz bottle of the new Beach Tonic Dry Body Oil, a light, antioxidant-rich blend of nourishing oils that moisturize and condition your skin, leaving it silky without a greasy residue. Simply mist onto slightly damp skin, massage thoroughly, and the oil will absorb instantly, leaving a satin finish and a breezy citrus scent.

After some light “research” (as in I skimmed through the comments and numerous replies the photo has already garnered on the Julep Facebook page) I gathered some additional information about the Beach Tonic Dry Body Oil that you won’t find in the product description. First of all, unlike the name suggests, it isn’t so much a body oil as it is a lightweight spritz body moisturizer. Secondly, it does not contain SPF, so you will have to wear sunscreen or an additional product that does contain SPF along with it if you venture out into the summer sun.

Is the Beach Tonic Dry Body Oil enough of a reason for you to consider joining the Julep Maven monthly subscription program this month? If you’re already a Maven, will you be opting for the box that contains Beach Tonic?

This post contains affiliate links that can score me free products if you sign up. No compensation was received, and opinions are my own.

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11 thoughts on “July Julep Maven Sneak Peek — Beach Tonic Dry Body Oil

    1. I have been a member of Julep Maven for about a year and a half now and have really enjoyed it. I’ve skipped a few months here and there, but always go back and have loved the quality of everything I have received from them. If that helps.

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