Movie Review: Kamikaze Girls

I have this really awesome movie called Kamikaze Girls. It’s about two teenage girls in Japan who are finding themselves. They come from two different “worlds”, meaning one is into Lolita fashion and lives in “doll” clothes and the other is a wanna-be bike gangster.


It’s a good movie. It came out in 2006 and I was one of the I don’t know how many who pre-ordered it. And it is my all time favorite movie to date. It’s also how I discovered the (omg to die for) music of Japanese singer Anna Tsuchiya (she plays Ichigo who is on the right). I have all her cd’s. The other girl in the movie (on the left) is an actress I’ve never heard of till now, Kyoko Fukada. The movie is actually based on a book written by Novala Takemoto called Shimotsuma Story (the book she has in her hand above). I’ve obviously never read it because it’s in Japanese, and I don’t know how to read Japanese. 😛 I wish I did though. Wish I knew how to speak it too. It tells of how these two girls became friends. Here’s a small bit from the site about the movie ’cause I haven’t watched it in months, and I can’t really recall it.

Momoko (pop idol Kyoko Fukada, pictured above) yearns to live in 18-century Versailles than in her back-country hometown of Shimotsuma, heartland of the yakuza. To escape, she loses herself in the dreamy, doll-like fashions of the “Lolita” scene. Her idol is Akinori Isobe, chief designer of Baby, the Stars Shine Bright—her favorite Lolita design hose. She travels all the way to Tokyo to shop at their store.

One languid summer, to help fund her expensive hobby, Momoko runs a classified ad of brand-name knock-off clothes (produced by her dad) for sale. She encounters a buyer named Ichiko (the real name is Ichigo), who happens to live in her neighborhood.

Super-rebel Ichiko (model and J-rock icon Anna Tsuchiya, pictured below), is a “Yankee”-style member of the Ponytails motorbike gang, one of Ibaraki’s “Wild speed tribes,” whose teeth-rattling customized bikes are decked out with fiberglass shields and bannered backrests.

Somewhat against Momoko’s will, she and Ichigo slowly develop a strong friendship as they share their feelings on the odd goings-ons around them.

I think, as well as the story which is very touching, I loved the fashions. Momoko (Kyoko Fukada) shops at a Japanese Lolita fashion store called Baby the Stars Shine Bright. Out of pure boredom and curiosity, I looked it up. And low and behold, there it was! It’s a real store. And they’re opening a branch in San Fransisco. That made me the happiest girl in the world. I can’t wait till it comes. I am so going on a shopping spree (online of course). I totally recommend this movie to anyone with little girls or even for themselves. It is in Japanese so you’ll have to do some reading but it’s totally worth it. And as a bonus the movie even comes with a video of Anna’s song, Taste My Skin. Awesome song. So yea, check it out. Let me know what you think of it!! And watch this movie. You’ll be sorry you didn’t. 🙂

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