Kate Gosselin’s Self-Proclaimed “Gift of Gab” Could Land Her a Talk Show… She Hopes

Kate Gosselin Guest hosting three episodes of ABC’s The View last week, replacing Elisabeth Hasselbeck who is on maternity leave, was only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Kate Gosselin’s next career move.

According to the Charlotte Observer, while at Thursday’s Southern Women’s Show in Charlotte, North Carolina, Kate said “I’ve been given the gift of gab, so why not use it?” and when talking about her guest host spot on The View, she said that “it is sort of like a career move, so I had to do it.”

While Kate may view her spot on The View as a “career move,” I speculate that the we are seeing more of Kate’s accepting face (not the unacceptable face of the tabloids, mind you) in order to divulge even more intimate details of her personal life, which mostly consists of her failed marriage and estranged woman-hopping husband; again, in her own words and not through the lens of the tabloids. She didn’t disappoint in that respect, either; while at the Southern Women’s Show, Kate opened up to the crowd of 700 about her marriage and when asked what she misses about her estranged husband, she replied, “I miss Jon. The Jon that I used to know.”

UsMagazine.com has confirmed that Gosselin did join Paula Deen at a pilot taping in New York City, but she has some competition who are also being considered for the show, including comedian Julie Gold, former CBS talent Rene Syler and Lee Woodruff.

Do you think Kate Gosselin has a future in talk show television? I’m actually hoping that she does so TLC can cancel the cut up and haphasardly put back together Jon & Kate Plus 8, Minus Jon sometimes and at other times Minus Kate. Keeping her in the media’s eye and keeping her on a medium where she is wanted, like television, could lead to her children being off television like a great deal of people are urging the mother of eight to do because of how fame has obviously destroyed the family.

One thought on “Kate Gosselin’s Self-Proclaimed “Gift of Gab” Could Land Her a Talk Show… She Hopes”

  1. i know that Kate Gosselin will probably never read this but I want to let her know she is a wonderful person! I have tried some many website to leave comments that i thought she might read but i can’t find one. TLC’s blog for Kate you can’t leave any comments there. I think Jon has acted like big kid and acts if though he’s not even hurting through all this. There’s no doubt in my mind that he doesn’t love his children but you would think that after 10yrs with someone there’s has to be some of feeling there for the other person and for him to be going around acting as if nothing’s going on is a JOKE! I can’t wait until November when TLC will rename the show “Kate Plus Eight” i’ll be watching every Monday night as i have been since the first 1hr special. Kate keep up the wonderful job you’re doing with your children and don’t mind what these negative people have to say! I’ve been reading alot and all the good things that people are saying out way the bad by far. you are a good person and wonderful mother.

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