Keep it Simple, Keep it Classy with Stud Earrings #ad

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stud earringsstud earrings

Coco Chanel advised that before they leave the house, that women should take a look in the mirror and take one thing off. No, not your pants. Keep your pants on; as well as any other essential articles of clothing. Please. What she was referring to was accessories.

Accessories are a great way to bring together an outfit and turn it into a look. They are the little details that you need to keep in mind when putting yourself together in the morning. Just as easily as they transform a look from boring to alluring, accessories can also ruin your outfit; making you look messy and complicated instead of chic and stylish.

Earrings can be a slippery accessory slope all on their own. With so many styles hitting big, being made with all sorts of different materials, and some designers doing things that just because they could, doesn’t mean that they should have. Whether you're going for something simple and relaxed or you're attending an elegant event, stud earrings can ramp up your wow factor.

Mont Bleu specializes in handmade glassware products and jewelry in Europe made with SWAROVSKI® ELEMENTS crystals. They are home to a wide variety of stud earrings with crystals, and because they know that when it comes to earrings, that you can never have enough, too many colors, or too many styles, they also have stud earrings with crystal pearls.

stud earrings stud earrings

One of my favorite looks ever is a simple pair of fitted jeans, a t-shirt, cross-body bag, flip flops, a hat, and a pair of pearl stud earrings. It is the pinnacle of weekend style for me. The accessories should have just enough femininity to make it classy and understated instead of just lazy.

If you thought stud earrings were too boring, not flashy enough, or didn't come in enough styles to make them unique enough to compliment your personal style, give Mont Bleu's e-shop a look. You're sure to find a few styles that you can immediately imagine implementing into your wardrobe.

What are some of your favorite accessories to complete an outfit?

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15 thoughts on “Keep it Simple, Keep it Classy with Stud Earrings #ad

  1. I like those disco looking ones.. My daughter can only wear studs because she competes competitively in gymnastics. She can wear those and the judges would like them also.

  2. I can’t wear earrings unless they’re on posts because other styles of earrings hurt. I tend to usually go for simple stud earrings myself too. I love the butterflies, they’re so pretty!

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