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I have always been someone who has to have several different things going on at once. My mind is always racing, coming up with new ideas and projects I would like to start. Focusing on one thing has never worked for me. I get overwhelmed, I feel constricted, and I freak out. It’s like being a juggler of life paths gives me some control over how messy and chaotic my mind can get.

Because of all of this, I always have a lot going on and a lot to keep track of.

You would think that while I am well aware of how out of control my mind can feel sometimes that I would be most comfortable with everything in my life being just as messy. On the contrary, I have been known to spend a week on the cleaning and organizing of my entire house, and even my computer files are neatly organized for maximum efficiency.

So why shouldn’t my online work, research, and daily internet reads be just as neatly organized and easy to find?

Kifi is an all-in-one online organizer for everything you do, love, and are interested in. Short for keep it find it,  Kifi lets you immediately keep, tag, and save everything and anything you find online that you want to save for later. You can save it privately for your eyes and reference only, or make it public so that the Kifi community can learn from your findings. It does all of this without leaving your browser window. No opening new tabs, apps, or wasting time copying and pasting links and notes.

Setting themselves apart from other online organizers, Kifi has integrated an entire social interface right into their dashboard. When your friends join Kifi send them a friend request. When they accept, you can privately chat with them in real time without leaving the Kifi page. This is perfect for working with a group on a project for work, girlfriends planning a summer getaway, planning a wedding with your groom or wedding party, or throwing a mutual friend a surprise bridal or baby shower without her catching wind of what’s up and ruining the surprise.

Kifi also enhances the way you can search online. When you search for something, the pages your friends have publicly kept in a specific area of interest will be shown at the top of your search results. With Kifi, your friends and their expertise are your No. 1 resource for everything.

Kifi dashboard

Signing up and using Kifi is simple. Sign up for an account using Facebook, LinkedIn, or with your email address. After verifying your email and logging in you are immediately prompted to install the extension or add-on for your browser. I use Google Chrome, so I was prompted to install the Chrome browser extension. Kifi is currently available for Google Chrome and Firefox. Safari and Internet Explorer extensions are coming soon.

If you plan to use Kifi as an all-in-one organizer for everything you do, you have the option of importing your bookmarks from your browser. If you are using it to store only resources and references for work or upcoming projects, simply skip that step and begin saving to Kifi as you browse.

After installing the Kifi extension, continue browsing and going about your internet business as you normally would. When you come across something you need to save, mouse over the small grey Kifi logo badge in the bottom right-hand corner of the page. Choose to send the page to a friend on Kifi through the message or chat function or keep it either privately and publicly with tags.

I have been using Kifi to keep track of things I need to reference later for writing ideas, pages I plan to include in special seasonal and weekly roundups here on Woman Tribune, and recipes I want to try out one day.

What could Kifi help you organize?

21 thoughts on “Keep, Organize, and Easily Find Everything Ever with Kifi #ad”

  1. KiFi looks like a comprehensive organizer used to organize all of your life, not just one part of it. To me thats worth it.

  2. Kifi looks so neat and easy to use. I like things to be organized and I could use Kifi, especially since my daughter’s main job is to mess my whole life and house up. The last thing I need is to have my computer life and job related stuff all messy.

  3. I really like this idea! I try to save favorites on my browser, but it’s gotten really cluttered and disorganized. I don’t even know where to start to fix it. 🙁

  4. I envy you your organization! I have lots of things going at once but only because my mind flits too much! This sounds like a better way to bookmark things for sure.

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